What makes Edmonton special?

Have you ever wondered about the people around you? Who they are? Where they come from? What language do they speak? Where do they live?

The 2011 Edmonton Census Atlas uses data from Statistics Canada to produce a detailed portrait of Canadian residents through the Census and the National Household Survey.


The Census Atlas describes a large range of Edmonton residents and includes ages, level of education, types of accommodation, length of residence and many other indicators. The Edmonton Census Atlas also makes numerous comparisons between Edmonton and other Canadian cities.

Here are some facts you may not have known about the people around you:

  • Nearly 25% of Edmontonians aged 15+ have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • We have a higher share of people educated to a bachelor’s degree or higher a number of other large cities.
  • 48% of Edmonton residents have lived at their current address for less than five years.
  • The average commute to work for Edmontonians is 21 minutes.
  • There are nearly 100 mother tongue languages spoken by Edmontonians. Some of the more popular languages are: Chinese, French, Punjabi, Ukrainian, Arabic, German and more.
  • In 1986, 79% of Edmontonians identified English as their mother tongue. As of 2011 this number has fallen to 70%. This change in language distribution reflects the growing share of immigrants from countries where English is not the mother tongue.
  • Just over 40% of all households in Edmonton have children living at home. The highest share of these households are in the newer and developing neighbourhoods.

The census also shows that Edmonton is now a younger city with more ethnic and linguistic diversity than it has ever had. This reflects the high levels of in-migration that Edmonton has experienced in the recent history.


The Census provides interesting information about the makeup of our beautiful city. Check out the 2011 Census Atlas for a much fuller picture of who we are and what makes us unique!

For more information see: edmonton.ca/growthanalysis


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Alexa Steiner
Alexa Steiner is a Communications Technician in the Sustainable Development Department at the City of Edmonton
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