Volunteer and Make a Difference!

The snow is melting, spring is here and that means National Volunteer Week is near! National Volunteer Week is celebrated in April, this year the 15th to the 21st, from the east coast to the west coast of Canada to recognize the contributions and selfless humility of their dedicated volunteers.

Canadians have a rich history of lending a friendly hand where needed. From Girl Guide leaders to the cooks at the local homeless shelter to those who build orphanages in underdeveloped countries, volunteers are the pillars of our great nation.

Volunteers willingly share their time, energy and resources for a variety of reasons. Some may volunteer as a means of connecting with others and some may volunteer to gain work experience. However, all volunteers share a common desire to make a difference and have a positive impact on their community. This brings people of different ages, careers, schools, religions and ethnicities together and to create a strong social network.

As the youth of Canada, it is upon us to uphold this great tradition of giving and sharing. We strongly encourage every student to get involved, whether it is at school events, the local homeless shelter, or on the global scale. All of the youth involved in the City of Edmonton Youth Council are volunteers (for at least a one year term). The great thing about volunteering is that the opportunities available are endless! The key is to find or to create a capacity where you can make use of your passions and talents. Check out www.youthvolunteer.ca or the City of Edmonton’s own volunteer opportunities.

The knowledge, skills and satisfaction you will attain from sharing your time and knowledge are priceless. Get out there and start to make a difference!

It also helps to recognize those that make a difference! If you know a youth in your community who is making the impact and is an inspiration to others, nominate them for an Edmonton Youth Excellence Award! This is the Youth Council’s first ever award project for youth 12-23 years old. It’s not just for those who are achieving the most but also those who have shown growth and tremendous effort. It’s important to recognize Edmonton’s youth and our volunteers’ efforts!


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About the Author
Malika & Rabia Ladha
Malika Ladha is a first year student in the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta and Rabia Ladha is in grade 11 at Jasper Place High School. Both started to volunteer at a young age and serve as members of the City of Edmonton Youth Council.
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