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Editor’s Note: Today we continue a series of video stories about City of Edmonton employees. In their own words. But, first, just a few more of ours. Together, the 14,000 people who work for the City help to imagine, construct, maintain and operate, and animate this place called Edmonton —where we have all decided to build, together, the value of our lives. This is our story.

Mark Annis works for the City of Edmonton as a Transit Scheduler who takes it upon himself to ensure the safety of his team. Here are a few things you should know about Mark.


For starters, Mark Annis loves buses. He knows how a transit system works and how to move Edmontonians safely and efficiently. Everyday he works hard to improve our transit service with fast-thinking solutions to unexpected schedule changes, such as detours due to construction. With more than 1,000 buses and 1,600 drivers, he and his coworkers have a lot of schedules and driver shifts to handle for the entire city. Mark describes his job as, “Making the most of ETS resources to help people get to their job, school, or other destination on schedule is at the heart of what I do”.

Besides helping, Mark is all about keeping people safe. As the office Fire Warden, certified with First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training, he is always prepared for emergencies. “I enjoy learning but it’s when and how we implement this training that makes the difference and makes us excellent,“ says Mark.


Mark is the first one to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Whether it’s using his experience as a transit user to improve the experience for customers, or a coworker is experiencing emotional difficulty, Mark responds with kindness and empathy.

Mark understands that a great team starts with healthy, happy employees. “I only play a small part but if I can make somebody’s work day a bit better, then I consider that a win,” shares Mark.

We caught up with Mark to talk about his passion for transit and safety. Here he is in his own words:


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