Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

If finding your way around city streets has you all over the map, the city’s new series of maps and signs will point the way!

If you are out and about downtown, this is what you will see:


These interim signs are part of the City of Edmonton’s Wayfinding program to help you easily locate city centre attractions and points of interest, whether you are on foot, bike or transit.

So far, 38 signs have been installed around Downtown with a few in Chinatown and Little Italy.

“We’re excited about helping people navigate our changing Downtown core”, says Ian Hosler, project lead for the Wayfinding program. “To do this, we needed a temporary solution until construction wraps up and to help the more than 3 million anticipated visits to Rogers Place arena each year. We will look at installing our permanent signs sometime next year.”

One of the goals of wayfinding project is to develop consistent symbols, terms, signage, look, feel and mapping to make it easier for people to orient themselves in downtown Edmonton.

The City works closely with people who are passionate about helping others better understand, relate and more closely connect to a place. The Edmonton Wayfinding Society is a community based organization of dedicated volunteers that applies user-centered design principles to create a better pedestrian experience.

To learn more about this community effort, visit

Tell us what you think of the interim signs:
Take our short survey. Your feedback will help to inform the signs’ design and locations for the permanent signs to be installed next year.

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To learn more about Edmonton’s Wayfinding program, visit




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