Shop Alberta Ave, Shop Smart

Alberta Avenue is being re-energized! The City and the community are working together to improve Alberta Avenue’s streets, businesses, and green spaces. Through the goal of increased collaboration within the business community, the “We Believe in 118” coalition has advanced Alberta Ave’s growth towards a more vibrant community.

With over twenty-five businesses already participating, the community’s enthusiasm for the new “Shop Alberta Ave, Shop Smart” campaign is undeniable. This movement aims to connect community members with businesses who are enhancing the safety and vibrancy of Alberta Ave. Ultimately, “We Believe in 118” hopes to create a new social contract between businesses and community members.

Edmontonians can help progress this movement in two simple ways. First, we ask retailers to take the steps outlined in our retailer package. These steps are designed to make retail spaces a safer place for shoppers. We also encourage businesses to actively work with Edmonton Police Services to help make the overall avenue a safe place to shop.

In exchange for businesses actively working to make their stores and Alberta Ave a safer place, we ask that community members use their consumer power to support local businesses that are participating in the campaign. The “We Believe in 118” coalition identifies these stores on our website and with our logo in the store window.

With community members and businesses working towards the same goal, Alberta Ave can be a safer, more vibrant place for Edmontonians to live and work. We invite you to take part in this movement by following the campaign on Facebook and on Twitter #WBi118. Visit for more information.


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About the Author
Alec Stratford
Alec Stratford is a social worker with the City of Edmonton and a member of a specialized Neighbourhood Empowerment Team working in the 118th Ave area. Alec and his partners Constable Kurtis Hauptman and Cassie Smith work with the community to identify and implement ways to reduce and prevent crime and the fear of crime.
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