September Resolutions: A New Year for Youth

When people think of the fall they usually think of “back-to-school” even if they haven’t been to class in years! September for young people might as well be the start of the new calendar – exciting challenges, new people abound and all kinds of great things to learn. Many students don’t call these their New Years’ resolutions but that’s basically what they are: day timers, class schedules, determination to achieve more than last year…

CEYC meeting

But sometimes it’s more than just school that youth have fantastic plans and goals for greatness. At the Youth Council we get a chance to hear about all kinds of fantastic plans, ideas and dreams of the new recruits applying to join the General Assembly. Last year over 78 young people between ages 13-23 submitted their online applications and the current Youth Council members got to hold over 30 interviews and finally selected 16 strong candidates last year.

CEYC Rollerdisco Social

Now they’re at it again! It is new year for youth and not just because the United Nations declared it the International Year of Youth.

For Youth Council the applications are already rolling in but we want the opportunities to be available to all youth in Edmonton. So if you know someone who has September Resolutions to set – invite them to consider volunteering with us in 2010/11. Applications can be submitted online and must be received by September 26th.

For those with a focused interest in the Environment, they can join up with the CEYC’s Environment Subcommittee as a member of the High School Eco Council. The first meeting will be held on September 27th. This is a shorter term volunteer opportunity to learn about the local environment and contribute to Edmonton’s The Way We Green plan. More information for the Eco Council can be found here but contact before September 20th!


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