Laying the groundwork for Valley Line West LRT

With funding for the Valley Line West LRT in place, work is underway to keep the project on track for construction next year— and closer to becoming a reality as an efficient and effective way to get around west Edmonton.

The Valley Line West LRT project is currently in procurement, which is the competitive process the City uses to find a contractor able to deliver the full project. A contractor is expected to be selected by mid-2020 and construction is planned to begin soon after that. But before it can start, there’s a lot of prep work to do to get ready for that important milestone. That work is set to continue until the snow hits.

This pre-construction work will prepare the project corridor for future demolition and construction work of the Valley Line West, a 14-kilometre urban integrated LRT project from Downtown to Lewis Farms.



Construction preparations, called early works, include relocating an extensive network of underground utilities, including power, water and telecommunications lines. It also includes removing trees, shrubs and vacant homes along the route to widen roads and make way for Valley Line West infrastructure.

In some cases this work may result in temporary road lane closures, sidewalk closures or other access closures. Building a large-scale project such as the Valley Line West will inevitably lead to some disruptions, but the City will try to minimize those impacts as much as possible. Doing this work now is necessary to make sure Valley Line West stays on track to begin construction in 2020.

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Edmontonians who are interested in receiving ongoing updates about preparations for the Valley Line West LRT can sign up for our project listserv. Our project website includes much more information about the scope and history of the project.


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1 Comment
  1. Terrance Van Gemert
    9 months ago

    Now when putting a roof on these stations make them solar paneled covered as I am tired that only glass is used which is nice however still costly to keep the area warm and snow free.. Cost energy to keep it at bay.. so lets start collecting the energy as much as possible. Glass cover is nice however solar panels energy can feed the system. Add as battery pack and that can provide energy at night time for lights and video surveillance needs.

    I hope in all of this there is parking made available and something more like Plugin’s for EV’s Just at the far side however that can change to closer as time goes by and acceptance. Nothing like parking and charging since park and right needs to be looked at. I do not see what the issues are mostly however I do like to see small business get in on it and location matters they say.. So does parking be it for ICE or EV’s and no it can be a fee to park as well. This will cover the cost of a parkade it if needs to expand.

    Just somethings to think about.


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