How Green Is Your House?

You’ve heard all about the new development invigorating Edmonton’s downtown, but did you know that there are innovative developments happening all over the city? Sharon Swischook, Property Sales Officer with the City’s Real Estate, Housing and Economic Sustainability Branch, has proudly been with the City for 25 years and has seen Edmonton transform into the beautiful, environmentally conscious city that it is today. This transformation has occurred in part thanks to the City’s devotion to environmental sustainability, including The Way We Green, Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan.

One such innovative development is the City’s new southeast community of Laurel Green. When asked how the homes built on the City’s lots in Laurel Green will contribute to a better future for Edmonton, Sharon proudly states that “All of the homes built will have third party sustainability certifications, making them significantly more sustainable and energy-efficient than the average home built in suburban subdivisions today.” Homes built on the City’s lots will all be solar ready and have an EnerGuide rating of 80 or over, or be BuiltGreen Gold certified. How’s that for sustainable?

Given that the average new home built in Edmonton has an EnerGuide rating between 65 and 72, the City’s Laurel Green development, just like its Oxford predecessor, is a huge benefit for the environment.  In addition to positively contributing to the environment, homeowners of these lots will see financial savings as they spend less on heating and electricity in their new green homes!

The excitement surrounding the new development doesn’t stop with Sharon. In Laurel Green, she is thrilled to see “the enthusiasm of builders and citizens in building more sustainable homes and a better tomorrow.” If that wasn’t enough, Laurel Green is a family-focused community with a large pond and walkways, and easy access to shopping centres, schools, a hospital and the amazing new Meadows Recreation Centre.

If you are interested in buying a lot and being a part of Edmonton’s green movement, you are encouraged to attend a public information session and trade show on June 3 at the Meadows Rec Centre. Registration for the lots will open June 3 and close June 10.  For more information about Laurel Green and how you can register for a chance to purchase a lot, please visit

The possibilities are endless!


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  1. Sanjeev
    4 years ago

    I am very pleased with the best environmental friendly initiatives of the city. I would recommend that all future homes should be built on this pattern.

  2. Ross Goodine
    4 years ago

    Why isn’t the city mandating that all homes built in Edmonton be built to an energuide 80 or better?
    This should especially apply for the privilege of building infill in an established neighborhood.


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