Green Saturday Madness

Ever think to yourself, “I sure wish I had some free water to use for my grass and plants”? It sounds like you could use a rain barrel! How about one at almost half price? Look no further than the Home$aver event! Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 2, 2015; the City of Edmonton, EPCOR and RONA are hosting the fourth annual Home$aver event at RONA’s South and North locations.


This event is an opportunity for Edmontonians to find environmentally friendly products for their homes at affordable prices! These products will ultimately help reduce utility bills and your impact on the environment.

Some of the products you’ll find from 7 a.m. until noon on Green Saturday at up to 70% off  include:

  • Nest Learning Thermostats
  • Gilmour Programmable Water Timer
  • 200 litre rainbarrel
  • Delta In-2-ition 2.5GPM Showerhead
  • Woods Programmable Powerbar
  • Sylvania Dimmable LED Lightbulb
  • Facto 4 Watt Warm White LED

If all 3,232 products are purchased and used from this event, there is potential to save $42,636.24 in utility costs and the release of 363.10 TCO2e/yr in greenhouse gas emissions will be avoided. That’s the equivalent of planting 36,310 trees!

The line at the Rona south store last year!

The line at the Rona south store last year!

Every year, we have an overwhelmingly positive response to the Home$aver event! Last year, there were lines starting at 5 a.m. outside the stores with over 70 people waiting for the doors to open.

The event allows residents to invest a small amount of money in a product that will lower their environmental impact and, in some cases, their costs. Although the individual impact may be small, together it makes a big difference.

For more information, visit

Happy Green Saturday!


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Maya Filipovic is a Communications Advisor for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.
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