Great ideas on how Edmonton can prosper

We’ve received a lot of great input so far as we work on the City’s economic development strategy, known as The Way We Prosper.

The strategy is being prepared in consultation with a wide range of local business leaders, educational institutions, community organizations, federal and provincial agencies engaged in economic development, as well as citizens.

Last week, 70 people took part in focus group discussions. That’s in addition to the 150 community and business leaders who’ve participated in one-on-one interviews over the last three months, and the 140 people who’ve participated so far in an online questionnaire.

All the individuals and groups have been asked to share their ideas on how the City of Edmonton can diversify economic growth and business investment.

The ideas that have been generated will be combined with the economic data and analysis being done by the team of consultants the City has hired to draft the strategy. This work will be shared at an economic development summit being planned for later this spring.

The strategy is being developed over the course of 2012 with the final product being a plan that will guide the economic development priorities of the City.

For more information and to track the strategy’s development visit .


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About the Author
Larry Wall
Larry Wall is the Project Manager for The Way We Prosper
  1. dread
    8 years ago

    Where can I see the compiled results Larry?

  2. 8 years ago

    The Way We Prosper Strategic Economic Development Plan is currently in the phase of compiling background research on: an economic profile, a sector analysis, stakeholder consultation and alignment with complementary economic development plans. This preliminary information will be rolled out in a SWOT Analysis Report (
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) that will be available for public comment in mid to late April. Please watch the website for more updates. If you have more specific questions, feel free to call 780-442-4488.

  3. […] 4:30pm at the Shaw Conference Centre. See full details at ShareEdmonton. The City has already been holding focus groups on this plan, and I’m sure additional events will be held in the […]


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