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I don’t have an artsy bone in my body. I wish I did… but I don’t. I do however, have some very artsy friends who I will be calling this week to tell them about a brand new contest that the City is having to help fill the pages of Edmonton’s 2016 Report on the Environment Calendar.

So artsy people, get your paintbrushes ready!

Edmonton’s Report on the Environment is published by the City Environmental Strategies section. The report compiles environmental data from all the different departments within the City and from external organizations, and presents that information in a user-friendly document of graphics and diagrams. The report provides a snapshot on the City’s environmental performance for both citizens and City employees. The report also helps people understand the challenges and successes of creating a sustainable city.

For example, one of the categories the report covers is energy and climate change. Within that category, one of the measures is Green Building Rating Systems including LEED, BuiltGreen Canada and EnerGuide. An increasing number of buildings in Edmonton are attaining green building certification with these rating. This shows that sustainability improvements are valued in our residential and commercial markets.

The upward trend in Edmonton towards LEED certification.

The upward trend in Edmonton towards LEED certification.

This year, instead of just publishing our usual report, the City is creating a calendar to help share information in a more creative way! To fill the pages of the calendar we are hosting an art contest to bring the calendar to life!

Report on the Environment Calendar Project Team

Report on the Environment Calendar Project Team

We are looking to fill the calendar with local artwork as it supports the involvement of Edmontonians in our community, and highlight some of the incredible talent that Edmontonians have! Your art can help bring to life the information presented in the calendar and make it a fun and innovative way to learn about Edmonton’s environment.

The calendar will feature both the artwork and a short profile of the winning artists. Each month will highlight a different measure such as: waste, nature and biodiversity, water and air.

There are 12 categories or themes for submissions:

  • January – Renewable energy, “Solar power to the people”
  • February – Air, “Love is in the air”
  • March – Water, “Water you able to do about it?”
  • April – Climate change, “A climate change of pace”
  • May – Green building, “Green home, sweet home”
  • June – Transportation , “Along for the green ride”
  • July – Nature and biodiversity, “Conservation is second nature”
  • August – Greenhouse gas emissions, “Greenhouse gas guzzler”
  • September – Sustainable/local food systems, “Easy as local pie”
  • October – Waste, “Waste not, want not”
  • November – Sustainable urban form, “Infill the blank”
  • December – Sustainable living, “Green life of the party”

The ‘punny’ and cute monthly titles exemplify the different measures that each month represents. I may attempt drawing something for the “Easy as local pie” one because how hard could it be to draw a pie? At the very least my drawing will give the judges some good comic relief from all the actual incredible art pieces they receive.

So, if you or someone you know wants their art to be displayed for the whole city to see then this contest is where it’s at! Trust me, if I am the competition, your art will be sure to make the front cover. Wish me luck!

The contest will run from August 24 to October 16, 2015 and is open to all residents above the age of 18.

For more information about the contest and how to enter please see the contest rules posted here.

For more information about Edmonton’s Report on the Environment please visit


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