Win an iPad for your senior relative or friend to stay connected

The holidays can be a busy time for Edmontonians and you can be hard pressed for spare time. Unfortunately, there may be some people who are feeling especially lonely during this time: our seniors.

When you’re baking cookies, wrapping gifts or sitting down to relax there might be an opportunity to schedule a FaceTime call with your parents, grandparents or elderly friends on their iPad to say hello, how are you and see those smiling faces this year.

The City of Edmonton is giving away five Apple iPad Mini 2s as part of our Connecting YEG contest. The goal is to connect Edmontonians, who may be experiencing loneliness, with their families and friends through technology. Seniors in our community are at particular risk of loneliness and isolation due to mobility issues and other factors. However, this does not exclude other Edmontonians who are lacking quality connection in their day-to-day lives.

If you have a friend or loved one who could benefit from connecting online using FaceTime or social media platforms, you could be eligible to win one of five Apple iPad Mini 2s through Connecting YEG contest.


Just Tweet using the hashtag #SayHelloYEG or comment on our Facebook contest posts and tell us how you and your loved one would connect/benefit from winning an iPad Mini 2. For example, do your parents/grandparents live on the opposite side of the city or do you know a senior with limited mobility? Did you just move to Edmonton and wish you could connect face to face with your relatives more often? Let us know!

Before you know it, you might receive Snapchats from your grandpa using the puppy filter or an invite to follow your great aunt’s Instagram account filled with delicious homemade dinners and ukulele tutorials.

Happy Holidays, #yeg!

Full contest rules are online.


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