Edmonton Youth Council: Policy – It’s more fun than you think!

The city of Edmonton Youth Council, in cooperation with the wonderful staff of City Clerk’s Office and Councillor Iveson, recently put on the second annual “Mock Council Meeting”. This event, originally established to educate on the procedural matters of City Council, was again a huge success and featured 3 items on the agenda: A business revitalization funding request, an administrative inquiry into the possibility of a 24-hour transit system, and finally a city-wide ban on trans fats.

Here are some of the photos from the event.

CEYC Mock Council

CEYC Mock Council

Next on the horizon for the Policy Subcommittee is an exciting fact-finding project about youth in Edmonton. The details currently in the works, but we hope to launch an Edmonton-wide survey of junior high and high school students to find out what youth want Edmonton to look like in the future. It could be very useful to not only our other subcommittees, but to City Council as a whole!

In other news, Youth Week is kicking off with the Youth Excellence Awards presentation on Saturday May 1st, so be sure to stay tuned for more tales of inspiring young Edmontonians! Get more information online at www.edmontonyouthweek.ca


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James Hoffman
James is an engineering student at the University of Alberta and the Policy Chair for the city of Edmonton Youth Council. In his free time he enjoys unicycling, film-making, and attempting to rid the world of trans fats.
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