In 2008 our City Council ratified The Way Ahead. We are just a few years into implementation, but it’s not too soon to ask whether our city has grown in the direction Council wants it to.

Today I would like show you a new video we have produced that takes a look at what has changed over the past few years. It takes the point of view of citizens and the differences they can see. It isn’t a report on performance measures, but it leaves an overall impression of the progress we’ve made and the way the face of our city has changed.

This new video is the third in a series. You may recall the first video, A City Well Lived, was about the pride we take in public service. The second, A City Well Built, was about Council’s investment in infrastructure.

Today we premiered the video at City Council and shared it with all of our City employees. I hope this sparks some discussion about the progress we have been making as a City.


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About the Author
Simon Farbrother
Simon Farbrother has served as Edmonton�s City Manager since January 2010, leading staff through a time of tremendous growth and transformation in Edmonton. Over the course of 20 years in municipal government, Simon has championed public service public service as a career of choice and volunteered on many professional associations. He was recently selected as the President-Elect of the International City/County Managers Association.
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