Think you might be in an unhealthy relationship? Well, now you can text the City through an automatic system that will provide you with a series of questions to reflect on your current relationship.

The City is launching a pilot program to spread awareness and increase accessibility to resources in a world that is becoming more mobile. Posters will be displayed in local bar washrooms to encourage women and men to text the line for more information. The idea came from a conversation on how texting is the primary form of communication for young adults.

Texters are asked  a series of questions that  invite them to reflect on their relationship. Should the texter want more information, pathways to connect them to the website and emergency and support numbers are provided.  The script also dispels some of the myths around family violence such that jealousy is not love and that people still have the right to privacy in their relationship.

The Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (NET)  saw an opportunity with existing City materials and partnered with City of Edmonton’s Counselling program Individual and Family Well Being, and a volunteer with the local civic technology meetup, Beta City YEG,  to create and develop the text technology.

Want to try out the project? Text us at 1-587-318-0002

Abuse is not ok, It’s important for people to know that it isn’t their fault and that they have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

There is help available.  If you, or anyone else you know is experiencing abuse in their relationship, visit City of Edmonton or call 780-496-4777 to speak to a social worker. If it is an emergency, please call 911.


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