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Need a new conversation piece for your summer patio parties? Getting tired of the same old dinner table discussion? Well do I have a topic for you… urban planning in Edmonton!

I’m discovering Edmonton is a young, vibrant city where urban planners work hard every day to ensure that it stays that way! This year the City decided to show Edmontonians exactly what the planners do on a daily basis and invite their feedback. Enter: the first annual City Planning Annual Report.

City building is a broad and complex subject area covering how we move, how we live, how we respond to and enjoy the places and spaces around us. The report breaks it down into three more-digestible sections:

  • Planning our Transformation
  • Designing Systems and Networks
  • Building Place and Spaces

In 26 quick, colourful and fun pages you’ll discover examples of all the ways your city has been planning and building the public environment in 2014. You will also find 40 fast facts that could make you the undisputed champ at your next trivia contest.

For instance, did you know:

  • 12,000 new homes were approved for Edmonton last year.
  • The Downtown population grew by 27% from 2008 to 2014, compared to a city-wide growth rate of 17%.
  • 125 First Place homes that help young families get into the housing market were sold and another 100 were under construction.
  • Horse Hills was named for the 800 animals kept there for Fort Edmonton.
  • Edmonton is on three major migratory bird pathways and hosts 250 species of wildlife.

Perhaps the most exciting and interesting topic for me was the feature on downtown revitalization. The map with descriptions of new spaces and places pulls together all of the projects and provides a clear overview of how the city’s core will look in a few years. It made me excited to be living in a city where so much change and transformation is happening right now!

City Planning Annual Report 2014 - Sustainable Development

The City Planning Annual Report makes me appreciate my city so much more and allows me to visualize the bright future ahead. I think every Edmontonian will find something in these pages that they want to explore. And please check the last page, where there’s an invitation for you as a citizen to send in your ideas and photos on great city-building.

Answer these questions and join the conversation:

●     What is your favourite piece of public place-making in Edmonton?

●     What more would you like to see going on?

●     Do you have innovative and creative ideas that could help our city grow?

Tell us your story or idea. It’s your city. Help shape it!


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About the Author
Alexa Steiner
Alexa Steiner is a Communications Technician in the Sustainable Development Department at the City of Edmonton
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