City builders named by name!

At a public meeting on Tuesday, January, 22, your City Councillors continued to recognize the work of the people who make Edmonton a place where it makes sense to build the value of our lives.

Festival and Events Expert Group


Mayor Don Iveson paid tribute to the people who lead and inspire the people who have built the festivals of our city into “quintessential Edmonton experiences.”

To make the point that behind the brands are people, the mayor named names.
Those who were on hand to represent their part of Edmonton’s colourful story included:

Joseph Pedrola, Renee Williams, Kate Tonowski (Edmonton Tourism)
Stephen Williams, Sanjay Shahani (Edmonton Arts Council)
Laura Cunningham-Shpeley, Colin Johnson (Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues)
Todd Janes (Nuit Blanche)
Wil Tonowski (Mill Woods Canada Day Festival)
Amber Rooke (The Works Art & Design Festival)
Paul Lucas (Taste of Edmonton)
Shelley Switzer (Edmonton International Street Performers)
Annette Loiselle, Brianna Jang (Skirts a Fire)
Erin Di Loreto (Silver Skate Festival)
Nagar Kirtan (Sikh Parade)
Todd Crawshaw, Angela Bennett (Edmonton Rock Music Festival)
Chris Wynters, Shauna de Cartier (Interstellar Rodeo)
Ron Walker (Edmonton Indigenous Peoples Festival)
Wanda Bornn (Ice on Whyte)
Jim Gibbons, Chelsea McCurdy (Heritage Festival)
Adam Mitchell (Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival)
Julie Haddow (Freewill Shakespeare)
Daniel Cournoyer (Flying Canoe Volant)
Jerrold Eilander (Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)
Christy Morin (Deep Freeze/Kaleido Festival/Arts on the Ave)
Derek Clayton (DEDFest)
Cam Hayden (Edmonton Blues Festival)
Annamarie Edwards (Cariwest Festival and Parade)


Carolyn Waye, Nicole Poirier, Julie Stormer, Charlene Roche, Jenny Renne, Sarah Ridley, Kim Simkin, Samantha Reynolds, Gabriela Conceicao, Natalie Szekely, Travis Dallyn, Jenny Baker, Cheryl Taylor, Janelle Janis, Ronna Bremer, Chantile Shannon, Margaret Smith, Kate McIntosh, Roger Jevne (City staff, Citizen Services)

“Events energize us and build lasting connections within our community, while enticing guests from around the world to discover our beautiful city,” the Mayor said.

Blake Loates, mental health advocate, photographer, Facebook Leadership Program

blake loates

Councillor Scott McKeen praised Blake Loates for a 20-year record of raising awareness of mental health and fighting its stigma in our community.

Diagnosed with a mental illness as a teenager, Blake threw her talent into the mission. She used photographs and words to chronicle the stories of those with mental illness. Loates will be the face of the Access 24/7 mental health clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. And she is one of 100 global participants in the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

“It helps participants increase the impact they have within their communities by building connections with other leaders and experts, and by providing crucial supports and funding.”

We All Believe In You is where you can find more from Blake’s perspective.

Armistice 100 Committee


Remembrance Day 2018 marked 100 years since the Armistice that ended the First World War.

“The committee, led by the visionary Carolyn Patton, came together to plan a moving tribute to remember those who fought and returned home after the war, and to honour those who did not come back,” said Mayor Don Iveson.

The Mayor cited Carolyn’s passion and determination for making the tribute a resounding success, exemplified by the “In Flanders Fields” video.


The Mayor called out the names of the committee members:

Carolyn Patton
David Ridley
Heather Kerr
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Beare
Captain Rick Dumas
Allan Kerr
Adrianna Davies
Deb Brandell
Jill Wright
Nicole Goehring, MLA
Tim Marriott
Brian Hodgson
Al Chapman
Danielle Dolgoy
Heloise Torck
Tanya Camp
Kaet Corbould

Congrats to all. And, thank you.


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