Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence Awards

The Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence Awards are one way the City of Edmonton recognizes the environmental dedication of its employees.

The awards, named after the late Charles Labatiuk, a Waste Management Branch engineer and dedicated environmentalist, are presented in three categories: Innovation, Continual Improvement and Leadership. This year the Office of Environment, which administers the award program, received 25 worthy nominations. Of those, 9 were short-listed and today, one winner was chosen in each of the three categories.


Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence Awards
Carmen Linman from Community Facility Services – Cemeteries, won the award for introducing the concept of green burials in cemeteries. These burials don’t use caskets or urns and make use of trees or rocky outcrops as grave markers. This option is now being introduced at all Edmonton cemeteries.

Continual Improvement:

Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence Awards
Greg Sorenson and Don Tymchak from Fleet Services won this award for their work in supervising the City’s fuel storage sites. Fleet Services makes every effort to ensure there are no leaks from its fuel storage facilities and Greg and Don created the measures to either prevent leaks or to deal with leaks quickly and effectively.


Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence Awards
Wendy Lasksosky from Drainage Services won the award in this category. Wendy helped create, design and implement the ISO 140001 program in Drainage Services. ISO 14001, called Enviso within the City, is an internationally-recognized, peer-reviewed environmental management system. It can take a year or more for a branch to satisfy all the requirements to receive ISO 14001 designation and Wendy was instrumental in making that happen for Drainage Services.

The City of Edmonton is proud of employees like our Charles Labatiuk Environmental Excellence winners who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their work has only positive impacts on the environment.


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