You’ve never seen Jasper Avenue like this before

From mid-July to October, you’ll have the chance to try out the new plan for Jasper Avenue, 109 Street to 124 Street, before it begins being constructed in 2019. Beginning July 15th, the Experience Jasper Avenue Design Demo is transforming the avenue between 109 and 115 Streets to demo the plan that was created through the Imagine Jasper Avenue project. The space from the current outside peak hour bus / off peak hour parking lanes is being closed off to vehicles via barriers and is instead being used for public space. Other key features of the plan you’ll be able to experience include:

  • wider pedestrian space
  • shorter crossing distances
  • trees and landscaping
  • street furnishings and resting areas
  • flex space for use by community, businesses or parking

Jasper Avenue is Edmonton’s premier Main Street – a people place.

As an official City of Edmonton main street, Jasper Avenue is recognized as being a destination for Edmontonians and visitors. To support this, not only will there be a number of design changes to the avenue during the design demo, there will also be numerous activities for you, your friends and family to enjoy throughout.

You’re invited to the launch!

Envision the future
Festival with tents, music and activities
Saturday, July 15
1 – 7 p.m.
Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre parking lot
11111 Jasper Avenue

Three more main events will take place during the design demo:

  • Explore the possibilities Saturday, August 26 –  Sidewalk sale with street performers, chalk artist & scavenger hunt
  • Energize your body Saturday, September 16 – Walking tours & yoga classes to get people moving
  • Excite your senses Saturday, October 28 – Closing celebration & evening movie

You’ve imagined Jasper Avenue, now it’s time to experience it!

The new plan and design for the avenue, from 109 Street to 124 Street, was developed during the Imagine Jasper Avenue project. The Imagine Jasper Avenue project ran from September 2015 to March 2017. It used a combination of public, business and stakeholder feedback, City policies and procedures, and technical studies and standards to develop the new design.

A number of changes to the current design of the avenue are planned to truly make Jasper Avenue into a main street. These changes include features that rebalance the space on the avenue to a pedestrian priority, while accommodating all other travel modes. They also support the dual function of a main street as a destination and link.

We hope you come and Experience Jasper Avenue throughout the next few months. Let us know what you think of the changes through social media with #ExperienceJasperAvenue or send us an email at


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About the Author
Beth Padfield
Beth is a Communications Advisor with Transportation
  1. Grace Wheatley
    2 years ago

    To whom it may concern,
    I have lived in many cities from New York, Montreal, Vancouver etc. Now I’m in Edmonton for 13 years. I understand that this city is going in the direction of becoming hip and more cosmopolitan with the view of making Jasper avenue people friendly. However taking this avenue and cutting in on the lanes has created a traffic flow interruption for the much needed trucks for deliveries to businesses, and especially the ETS bus system to transport us to our jobs and destinations. The change has been the cause of stress for us as passengers and most importantly the Operators.
    In addition to the congestion there has been an increase of noise. Honking horns have become an echoing nuisance to us in vehicles and to all on the sidewalks and in our downtown apartments.
    When summer has long past and the snow begins piling up it will be an even more trying situation. Patience runs thin and tempers flare.
    The future isn’t going to work for this planned vision unless you make Jasper Avenue a one way street.
    I have lived in cities that operate with one way streets. They do work.
    I just want the city of Edmonton to have the traffic flow more smoothly.
    From city workers to business deliveries to the people walking their children and pets and to those who live and work in the downtown core, we should expect, at least, a consideration for a reasonable living and working environment.

    Thank you for your time,
    Grace Wheatley

  2. Marilyn Spicer
    2 years ago

    I have lived downtown for 19 years, am a mobile senior citizen, drive a car and walk. The changes to Jasper Avenue from 109 Street to the west are ugly, unsafe for everyone, and a waste of my money! I have watched seniors cross Jasper, like Mr. McKeen and know a longer light at the intersections across Jasper would do a lot to alleviate the safety issue raised. NONE if us will have a coffee or picnic along Jasper…you are dreaming. It is very dangerous to sit there. Just keep Jasper clean and change the crossing light times. KISS!


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