Your gift to Edmonton: #WasteLessHolidays

Gifts, decorations, parties and festive treats―they’re all part of the holiday season―and so is waste. Dave Claus―the spirit of holiday waste, shows us that we don’t have to sacrifice our enjoyment of the season to have #WasteLessHolidays. It can be as simple as knowing what goes where once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over.

Here are some of tips to remember when taking care of your holiday trash.

  1. When wrapped up in holiday waste―remember that so much of it can be recycled including paper, cardboard, boxes (please flatten), bottles, cans, jars and recyclable containers. Note that all wrapping paper can be recycled EXCEPT for the foil/metallic type paper. If it can be reused save it for next year. Bows and ribbons should be saved for next year or taken to the Reuse Centre.

  1. Fan of egg nog? Remember to recycle all those clean, empty containers along with your other holiday recyclables in your blue bag if you live in a house, blue bin if you live in an apartment or a community recycling depot, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. Hoverboards―just one of the ‘hip’ gadgets for 2015. Top electronics from wish lists of holidays past include those Gameboxgearstations, cell phones, beepers and stereo systems. We all have them―and often cringe at admitting to it! But remember, old or broken electronics and anything with a cord or battery should be taken to an Eco Station.

  1. Lights! You can’t have the holidays without the lights. What about old lights? Putting Christmas lights and extension cords in your trash can injure staff or get caught up in machines at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, damaging equipment and causing plant shut downs. Please take them to an Eco Station, where they can be disposed of correctly.

  1. As much as what-goes-where is important, consider giving items another lease of life before disposing of them. The Reuse Centre will accept those unwanted holiday decorations and wrapping materials and make them available for reuse next year.For more ideas on reuse, check the online Reuse Directory which lists many organizations that will be grateful of items that you no longer need but are still in good shape.

The holidays are a special and fun time of year, but as Dave Claus summarises in this final video, it’s all about family, friends and taking care of your trash! If you’re interested in learning more, visit


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Kerry-Ann McGeown
Kerry-Ann works in the City of Edmonton's Corporate Communications Branch, assisting the Financial Services and Utilities Department. Her daily activities include the production of information and promotional materials and updates to the City's web pages.
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  1. Cathy Jensen
    3 years ago

    Dave you are the best…..


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