Weeding out our worst offenders

weed_430x147Summer’s in full swing, and so is the City of Edmonton’s fight against some of our worst offenders: noxious weeds. In fact, this year, the City’s Community Standards Branch is doing more to hunt down these invasive plants.

We’ve increased our staff to nine dedicated weed inspectors. They are responsible not only for responding to citizen complaints, but also for proactively identifying and addressing noxious weed infestations on private and City-owned land.

Inspectors have issued over 2500 weed notices so far this year and we’re only just heading in to our busiest time of the growing season! These notices are valid for the entire growing season. Inspectors will check back on properties with weed notices and can have them mowed anytime it’s needed. Mowing costs are added to the owner’s property tax bill. Weed notice recipients can avoid having to pay any mowing costs through regular and ongoing maintenance of their property right up until the end of the season.

We’re also running the Wanted: Noxious Weeds campaign to raise awareness about preventing the spread of these invasive plant species. As part of the campaign, we’ve placed a few common noxious weeds on our “most wanted” list:


So what can Edmontonians do to help in the fight against noxious weeds? It’s simple. When the grass gets long, it’s time to bring out the mower. Cutting weeds not only helps prevent their spread, but also helps to improve the appearance of our properties and is in keeping with good community standards.

Of course, the most effective method of weed control is to pull the weeds out right by the root. That’s why our campaign slogan is: “Mow ‘em down, pull ’em up and move ’em out!”

In the Community Standards Branch, we recognize that most Edmontonians take a great deal of pride in their properties, and work hard to maintain them. We appreciate their continued contribution to preventing the spread of noxious weeds and keeping Edmonton looking its best.

For more information visit: www.edmonton.ca/wantedweeds


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