Turn Me In … by Battery Newman

It’s been described as “a powerful ode to eco-responsibility” and it’s quickly become the single most popular Eco Station themed music video ever performed by a singing battery. What is it? It’s ‘Turn Me In’ by Battery Newman.  In this highly informative and–dare I say–inspirational video, Battery Newman sings about the importance of properly disposing of left-over cans of paint, broken electronics, worn-out computer equipment and, of course, old batteries. What’s Battery Newman’s message? Don’t just turn ME in, turn THEM in too … to Eco Stations.

The music video is part of the City of Edmonton’s ‘Turn Them In’ Eco Station campaign. While Battery Newman doesn’t sing about all of the items accepted at Eco Stations – he’s an artist and we must respect his process – the City encourages residents to review the list of accepted items. Many items can be dropped off at no cost. Spring, and the accompanying spring-cleaning, is the perfect time to turn in items that are taking up room in your house or garage. Some common accepted items you can drop-off, in addition to those mentioned in Battery Newman’s song, are light bulbs, syringes, power tools, renovation waste and items too big to set out for curbside collection. ‘Turning Them In’ to an Eco Station ensures they are properly disposed of or recycled and don’t hurt the environment. As Battery Newman sings, “turn me in to the Eco Station, where I won’t leak acid from my face.”

It’s possible–in fact it’s quite probable–that Battery Newman has inspired you to create and share your own waste reduction video. Well you’re in luck. You too can be internet famous. Upload your videos to the 90waysto90.com site. It can be about any waste reduction tip you may have, not just Eco Stations. Get your friends and family to like and share your video.  Have fun, just like Battery Newman did creating his video, and remember to always turn in your household hazardous waste!


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