TLC for LRT Volume 5: Laying down tiles and tracks

Editor’s note at the start of your read: Here’s your latest edition of TLC for LRT. We appreciate your continued interest in our continued interest in work big and small to keep you comfortable, safe and moving on the LRT.

Platform warning tile replacement

Platform warning tile is the yellow bumpy tile near the edge of the platform that reminds customers of their positions related to the track. The raised patterns are based on Tenji innovation, which tells blind and visually challenged customers their position on the platform.

Over time, especially outside, the tile is worn through regular use and irregular weather. This year, crews will replace and upgrade tiles at five outdoor stations. Clareview and Kingsway/Royal Alex stations will be completed in June, while works starts at MacEwan on June 29. Southgate and Health Sciences/Jubilee stations will be completed in July and August, respectively.

Tile crews work on one side of the platform at a time, starting by removing the old, then repairing the surface and then installing the new.

Here’s a look at northbound track platform work at Clareview Station.

May 17: Removal of old platform warning tile

May 17: Removal of old platform warning tile

May 18: Status of the platform after tile removal

May 18: Status of the platform after tile removal

May 19: Platform is power washed and ready for repairs

May 19: Platform is power washed and ready for repairs

May 19: Platform is power washed and ready for repairs

May 20: New tile installation

Work starts on a Friday evening and typically takes a weekend for each side of the platform, but extra evenings are scheduled if needed. If there is a major special event on Saturday or Sunday, such as an Eskimos game, work is postponed for that weekend to maintain the 12-minute train frequency. Work resumes the following weekend.

Muttart Crossing Transit Oriented Development around Stadium Station

Take a sped-up look at 15 hours of track replacement south of Stadium Station from 6 am to 9 pm on May 19.

What you’re looking at is part of a short-term pain, long-term gain transit oriented development project.

The gain: A new access road and pedestrian crossing will benefit commuters and the surrounding communities.

The pain: Work requires temporary LRT closures between Clareview and Churchill on a few weekends. Crews need extended hours with the power off, meaning trains can’t operate around Stadium during these weekend closures. Tracks also have to be temporarily removed to replace the old wood railroad ties with composite ties and concrete ties. These ties support the rails and keep them upright and spaced properly.

One more planned LRT closure between Clareview and Churchill is scheduled to happen on July 6-7. Due to Valley Line construction downtown, LRT replacement bus stops on 100 Street have temporarily moved to 101 Street. Look for pink signage or refer to station posters that will go up at Churchill in late June. For LRT replacement bus stops near Stadium, Coliseum, Belvedere and Clareview, please visit

Editor’s note at your terminal: Did you know seven additional projects were completed at Coliseum/Belvedere/Clareview Stations on June 8-9? These ranged from repairs to concrete and track ties to an elevator floor replacement.


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