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Editor’s Note: Today we continue a series of video stories about City of Edmonton employees. In their own words. But, first, just a few more of ours. Together, the 14,000 people who work for the City help to imagine, construct, maintain, operate, and animate this place called Edmonton—where we have all decided to build, together, the value of our lives.

This is our story. This is the story of Julie Stormer, Civic Events and Festivals team supervisor.

Edmonton is alive year round with sporting events, energetic festivals and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. As the Civic Events and Festivals team supervisor, Julie Stormer leads the coordination of more than 850 events per year. For more than a decade, Julie has facilitated events of all sizes — from small community fundraisers to high-profile, multi-day events that attract tens of thousands of spectators or participants, like Red Bull Crashed Ice, Heritage Festival and Edmonton Folk Festival.


Under Julie’s leadership, the Civic Events & Festivals team works across City departments to coordinate civic services for festivals and events. Her team’s ‘One City’ approach makes it easier and less time-consuming for organizers to get the permits and access to the services they might need, working to ensure these events run safely and smoothly from start to finish.

“There are a million moving pieces involved in coordinating any event. Our goal is to implement these efforts in a way that makes them appear seamless to event-goers,” says Julie.

In spite of the hectic pace in her office, Julie always makes time to offer support, advice and critical insights for her staff and partners. You will often find her in the trenches coordinating volunteers, assisting attendees and keeping the show running smoothly.


As a result of Julie’s ability to guide her staff and festival organizers through the high pressure, fast-paced world of events has served to enhance our city’s reputation as a great host city provincially, nationally and internationally.

“We love to share our passion for festivals with the world, which has helped to put Edmonton on the world map as a tourism destination,” explains Julie. “Events want to come to Edmonton because of the service, the passion, the excitement that the civic services themselves bring, and I get to be part of that.”

Julie was nominated for a 2018 Corporate Culture Award for Excellence.


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