This is who we are – Building Great Neighbourhoods: Public Engagement Working Committee

The Building Great Neighbourhoods: Public Engagement Working Committee pictured above are, left to right: Chris McMorran, Cassie Kupsch, Becky Redford, Tom Hovland, Mark Morton, Cathy Dytiuk, Sherry Wallace, Laura Shewchuk, Jen Rutledge, Jeannette Wright, Amanda Gelinas, and  Joleen Mazurat

Editor’s Note: Today we continue a series of video stories about City of Edmonton employees. In their own words. But, first, a couple more of ours. Together, the 14,000 people who work for the City help to imagine, construct, maintain, operate, and animate this place called Edmonton—where we have all decided to build, together, the value of our lives.

This is our story. This is the story of the Building Great Neighbourhoods: Public Engagement Working Committee.

Here are three things we’ve learned:

A neighbourhood is a great neighbourhood when designed and built to meet the values and priorities of the people who will form its communities.

The best way to understand those values and priorities is to create meaningful public engagement.

Working to create that meaningful public engagement is work worth doing.

Preliminary Design event, October 29, 2018

Preliminary Design event, October 29, 2018

And, okay, there is a fourth thing:

It takes a great committee. 😀

The Public Engagement Working Committee united City of Edmonton team members across various departments—Citizen Services, City Operations, Communications and Engagement, Integrated Infrastructure Services and Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development—already united by a passion for helping people play a part in shaping the future of their neighbourhoods.

“There has been tremendous enthusiasm around this project. The conversations we are having and the excitement around the charter makes it easy to see this committee’s passion for serving citizens” said Jen Rutledge, Supervisor, Building Great Neighbourhoods.

They collected diverse points of view from across the City to establish creative outcomes, solve complex problems and achieve their goals of creating an integrated public engagement strategy.


The Public Engagement Working Committee is a City of Edmonton success story. Not because we say so. But because its work worked for Edmontonians. Feedback from more than 20 public engagement events has been overwhelmingly positive.


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