The Way We Think

I have great neighbours. They invite us for dinner, watch our home while we’re away – they are always there to help.

In my neighbourhood, we are big car users. The shops are far away so it’s not typical to use our bike or walk to run errands. But that might change! A new pharmacy just opened close to home, and it was quite exciting for my 3-year-old and myself to bike to get there last Sunday.

On our way there, my caring neighbours saw us at an intersection and asked us, looking concerned:

“Are you guys ok?”

They looked rather surprised when we explained that we were crossing this 4-lane road to go to the pharmacy.

I think my neighbours are the perfect example of how, as Edmontonians, we rely on cars. So much that it surprises us to see our friends walking or biking for “functional” trips.

Thankfully, the City has a plan. To encourage us walk, bike, carpool and use transit. A plan to provide transportation options and make it easier for us to choose sustainable options. This plan is called “The Way We Move”. I invite you to take a glimpse into what a future Edmonton can be.


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About the Author
Miriam Bard-Dumont
Miriam Bard-Dumont provides communications support for Transportation Planning. For the past three years, she�s been getting the word out about future projects such as bike lanes, roads and LRT lines. Her role is to make it easy for people to get informed and involved in projects that will shape our City.
  1. Jeremy
    8 years ago

    Perhaps if the transit was more well thought out, less people would be driving? There is no excuse to the lack of transit accessibility in Millwoods. it takes close to two hours to reach the cities biggest tourist attraction (West Edmonton Mall) from Millwoods. That is inexcusable in my humble opinion.

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