Sandwiches, the Bread and Butter of Downtown Job Growth

The sandwich. The favourite lunch item for Downtown workers on the go.

Whatever your sandwich pleasure, there is something for any Edmontonian.  By our very rigorous* estimation, there are a LOT of sandwiches being consumed by Edmontonians while they’re Downtown. And those numbers are expected to grow.

Let’s do the math.

5 gabillion dollars

The $5 billion in public and private investment is attracting new businesses to the core, building on our public institutions, and laying the pipes for made-in-Edmonton companies. And all of this economic activity creates sustainable jobs right here in the city’s core.

Currently, there are close to 70,000 (DBA) employees working Downtown. If each person ate just one sandwich once a week, that would be over 3,640,000 sandwiches a year*.

91000 people

With continued revitalization, we expect that by 2043, Downtown Edmonton’s employment will grow to 91,000. That’s 4.73 million sandwiches**.

Sandwich Graph

Add in the families visiting the festivals, residents stopping by the weekend markets, and visitors exploring the core, sandwich consumption rates will soar.

By this completely reasonable logic, Downtown will soon see a strong, steady and exponential growth of lunchtime sandwich consumption to match the increased vibrancy of Downtown. Math doesn’t lie.

That’s a lot of sandwiches.

Sandwich 6



*not rigorous

** Sandwich consumption rates are completely guestimated.


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