Pop-Up Museum partnership brings history to life!

West Rossdale is a place that is historically and culturally significant for many people, and where the history is long, layered, and deep – like the river flowing next to it.

On Sunday, July 24, the Urban Planning & Environment team partnered with the Edmonton Heritage Council’s Edmonton City as Museum Project to hold a Pop-Up Museum for River Crossing, known as West Rossdale.

Pop Up Museum 4 (artifacts)

“Prior to Rossdale becoming the community we see today, the area was used by Indigenous people for thousands of years, it was the site of the first hotel west of Manitoba, it became the industrial heart of Edmonton, and it was a major transportation route connecting the banks of the river,” explains Lisa Larson, Senior Planner, City of Edmonton. “The Pop-Up Museum gave people a chance to explore this history while also sharing their connections to this meaningful place.”

Pop Up Museum 6 (archival photos)

A number of interesting photos and maps were displayed at the event, but perhaps the most unique item that drew interest at the ‘museum’ was the Lego replica of the 1902 generating station, provided by the Edmonton Power Historical Foundation.

Pop Up Museum 5 (lego model)

Over the upcoming fall and winter, the City of Edmonton will be engaging with citizens, Indigenous communities and other stakeholders to create a Heritage Interpretive Plan for River Crossing to guide how heritage and culture are reflected in the area. The Pop-Up Museum was the first public event held as part of the work underway to create this plan.

For more information, visit edmonton.ca/RiverCrossing


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