North LRT to NAIT Construction Update

It’s full steam ahead for the second construction season on the North LRT to NAIT project.

We’re keeping an aggressive schedule so we can stay on track to officially open the new line in April 2014. Although work continued on the North LRT over the winter, most of it happened off of major roadways. This year’s warmer temperatures meant that major roadworks for the project were able to start early in March.

The first major task of the season began on March 19, when a two-block section of 105 Street between 105 Avenue and 107 Avenue was closed until November to accommodate track construction.

105 Street/105 Avenue will look similar to this artist’s rendering when the North LRT opens in 2014.

106 Street was recently closed just south of Princess Elizabeth Avenue so that contractors can build tracks across the roadway. Following the month-long closure of 106 Street, Princess Elizabeth Avenue will be closed between 106 Street and 109 Street for roughly one month so that a rail crossing can be built just west of 106 Street.

The final major roadworks of the season will involve the closure of 111 Avenue for several days at 106 Street to accommodate construction of a final rail crossing. You’ll also see minor roadworks throughout the North LRT right-of-way.

An artist’s rendering of the rail crossings at 106 Street and Princess Elizabeth Avenue.

In addition to roadworks, the tunnelling operation will continue 24-hours a day, seven days a week until early 2013. Churchill Station will also be undergoing a major transformation this spring and summer. Special track work will be installed just north of the station to allow trains on the existing LRT line to switch to the NAIT line and vice versa. One-third of the width of the platform will be blocked off and LRT will be operating on at reduced frequencies until September. New schedules are available at

The track work being installed near Churchill is one-of-a-kind and was custom-manufactured at a factory in the Czech Republic.

You can also expect to see major progress on the entire North LRT right-of-way. We’re scheduled to complete several major structures this year, including:

  • Concrete track slabs along the entire right-of-way.
  • LRT station structures at MacEwan, Kingsway/Royal Alex and NAIT.
  • A new Kingsway/Royal Alex Transit Centre.
  • A tail track just southwest of Health Sciences Station, to allow trains to safely switch directions and return to NAIT.

A tail track will be built just southwest of Health Sciences Station, between the current LRT tracks and the Edmonton Clinic.

We certainly have a very busy construction season ahead of us! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for good weather throughout the spring, summer and fall so we can get as much done as possible before winter is back on our doorstep.

We really appreciate the patience that motorists, pedestrians and the local community have shown as we’ve worked hard to improve the way we move in Edmonton with the North LRT.

We hope that everyone will continue to keep in mind that in just two years we’ll have a new LRT line that provides a sustainable and affordable connection to hospitals, post-secondary institutions and much more.

In the meantime, check out our web page or our project’s major construction map for the latest construction information.


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About the Author
Lindsay Yarmon
Lindsay is a Communications Officer for LRT Design & Construction.
  1. Neil
    6 years ago

    Just thought I’d mention that there really should be a temporary two-way bike lane cordoned off on the south side of 107 Ave between 104 and 106 St (or north side of 104 Ave between 101 and 106, but that seems more disruptive) to accomodate bike traffic that’s being blocked by construction on 105, which is a major bike route for getting accross the downtown core. As it stands now, there’s no practical way around this mess, particularly for cyclists uncomfortable with arterial roads.

  2. […] Here’s an update on north LRT construction. […]

  3. Lindsay Yarmon
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback Neil. To let you know, 107 Ave. is scheduled to be closed at 105 St. from May 22 until June 27 so that we can build LRT tracks across the intersection. As such, this is not an ideal location for temporary bike lanes. In addition, there are space limitations on 107 Ave. During the closure of 107 Ave. at 105 St., vehicles (including bicycles) can detour using 106 Ave. For cyclists and other motorists that are comfortable with arterial roads, other detours include 101 St. and 109 St. The City acknowledges that the closure of 105 St. is disrupting the usual flow of traffic for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. We appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding and flexibility during this closure, and hope that they’ll keep in mind that 105 St. will be open again in a few months. In the long run, this short-term inconvenience will result in a new LRT line that provides a sustainable and affordable connection to hospitals, post-secondary institutions and much more. We’ll also have landscaped corridors with multi-use trails adjacent to the new LRT line, which will be a great route option for cyclists headed to or from the downtown core. If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to contact us directly via the LRT Projects Information Centre: 780-496-4874 (voicemail) or


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