Leslie Symon is 2017’s Young Professional Engineer

In the City’s Corporate Workforce Plan, a leader is defined as “A visionary, credible and trusted role model who inspires and challenges others to achieve their full potential.” LRT Delivery Senior Engineer Leslie Symon, P. Eng., exemplifies just that. Her dedication to advancing the profession of engineering led her to win the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s Young Professional Engineer Award this year. Her comprehensive work on the Valley Line LRT project is contributing to the City’s goal of increasing public transit ridership by offering greater transportation options.

In her short time with the City, Leslie has earned continuous career advancement by displaying passion, drive, and strong communication and organization skills. Her current position as Senior Engineer for Valley Line LRT gives her opportunities to build cross-departmental relationships – working together to find innovative solutions to create a transit line that best serves the public. Combined, her skills showcase what leadership means in today’s dynamic workplace.

Since graduating from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 2011, Leslie has provided engineering support on design coordination, value engineering, and public engagement program for Valley Line Southeast LRT Project. Leslie is committed to operationalizing goals from The Way Ahead; she combines both soft skills and her aptitude for technical understanding to find innovative solutions to improve our City’s liveability through improved public transit.

“The LRT corridor ties in multiple departments – it is great to see how so many details come together,” says Leslie. “The project is about collaboration and relationship-building. In one day, I can work on art installations, traffic and environmental impact assessments, Wi-Fi, and communicating with festivals that may be affected by the construction. “[It’s] diverse and challenging, especially the social impact, but it’s all about providing a service to the citizens.”

Leslie fosters relationships both in the workplace and through volunteering outside of work. She has shown a strong aptitude for mentoring co-op students with the City.  Jace Thibault, an Engineering Co-op Student in LRT Delivery writes, “Leslie motivated my development as a young professional…her commitment to continued guidance beyond my co-op term is a testament to her dedication in leadership.”


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