Imagine Jasper Avenue – What’s your vision?

Jasper Avenue is Edmonton’s main street. It is more than a road; it’s also a place, a link between the West End and Downtown communities, and a destination that is used by a variety of people for a variety of purposes.

The section of Jasper Avenue from 109 Street to 124 Street is slated for full reconstruction in 2019. This gives us a golden opportunity to develop a vision for Jasper Avenue for the next 30 years. This vision will inform the design and, ultimately, the reconstruction of this section of the avenue.

Jasper Avenue in Edmonton on Thursday, October 22, 2015.  ©2015 John Ulan

Jasper Avenue in Edmonton on Thursday, October 22, 2015.
©2015 John Ulan

Imagine Jasper Avenue is a project meant to do exactly that — to create a vision. Whether you know it or not, it’s a project you’re a part of. We want to develop the vision and plan in partnership with all Edmontonians. After all, as Edmonton’s main street, Jasper Avenue is your main street. Tell us what YOU think the vision should be.

“We want to hear your input to help us understand the existing opportunities and challenges of Jasper Avenue. You bring an important perspective to the process,” says Satya Gadidasu, the project manager for Imagine Jasper Avenue, “There may need to be trade-offs to achieve the ultimate vision, but your perspectives will impact and inform that vision.”

 The kids at the public workshops on November 25 came up with the fun idea of pizza and ice cream stores all along Jasper Avenue.

The kids at the public workshops on November 25 came up with the fun idea of pizza and ice cream stores all along Jasper Avenue.

The aim of Imagine Jasper Avenue is to envision an innovative, vibrant and relevant streetscape and roadway that will strive to balance the needs of the community, commuters, businesses and visitors. We can’t do that without your help!

So, how can you get involved and tell us your vision?

  1. Take the survey! It’s open until January 4, 2016.
  2. Sign up for email updates
  3. Participate in a public engagement event. We’ve got three more events coming up between now and Fall 2016. Visit for more details.
  4. Join the conversation online by sharing your vision on Twitter or Instagram with #ImagineJasperAvenue

Do you like reading policy? Who doesn’t? Recognizing the importance of Jasper Avenue, City Council updated the Complete Streets policy and guidelines with the Main Streets amendment. This amendment recognizes that streets like Jasper Avenue (there are others in Edmonton as well) should be treated differently when they are up for renewal and reconstruction. Main Streets are not only transportation links, they are streets that act as strong community places and often have a tie to business and community revitalization. If you’d like to read the Complete Streets policy and guidelines, and learn about the other policies that will help form the vision and design for Jasper Avenue, take a look at the Policies section at


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Beth Padfield
Beth is a Communications Advisor with Transportation
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  1. Rebecca Sampson
    3 years ago

    I love the idea of improving upon Jasper Avenue/Oliver! I love that area; I lived there, several years ago, and am looking forward to moving back, next summer/fall! I would really like to see that part of Jasper made more safe for crossing, by putting an island, in the middle of Jasper, since it is such a wide, dangerous, street to cross during rush hour (at least it was when I lived there)! While I may not be a citizen of Edmonton, I still take an interest in what is going on in the ever-growing city (good and bad). I will be looking forward to seeing the end product, whenever that may be! Was out there in late August/early September this year, and saw many changes, but also saw some old familiar places, too.


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