How can Edmontonians support healthy aging?

Part of the City of Edmonton’s membership as one of 400 cities in the Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities is a commitment to listening to the needs of aging citizens and creating physically accessible and inclusive environments. Edmonton continues to become increasingly diverse, with ever changing demographics. It’s important to look at how we can respond to these changes to meet citizens’ growing needs. Seniors are active, social and hardworking, and it’s vital that Edmonton continues to find ways to increase their participation and input towards creating a vibrant, more age-inclusive city.

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Over the next few weeks, Edmontonians are encouraged to visit one of the City’s public, drop-in workshops that will help start conversations on how we can build support networks for the aging population of today and in the future.

“We want to hear from Edmontonians of every age about what will make this city better for themselves, their parents, or their grandparents,” said Ingrid Hoogenboom with Community Inclusion & Investment. These interactive drop-in sessions will provide the public with a casual environment to discuss and share ideas on how the City is addressing age-friendly priorities and supporting healthy aging. “Seniors are working longer, volunteering more readily, participating in civic life with intensity and helping their spouses, children, grandchildren and neighbours more than ever. When we keep age-friendliness in mind, it truly helps builds a stronger community.”

By attending one of the workshops, you can learn about the work that has been done so far, share what you think is needed to advance the initiative and provide your input on tangible next steps.

June 22, 2017 from 4-8pm
City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

June 25, 2017 from 10am-3pm
Callingwood Farmer’s Market
69 Avenue & 178 Street (Safeway parking lot)


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Why spend time talking about this? The seniors population is growing. If we have a strong system in place to support the health and well-being of older Edmontonians, seniors can lead healthy, active lives while having opportunities to be involved in their communities and city. “If we are lucky, we will all keep aging, so it’s important for Edmonton to keep age-friendliness at the heart of decision-making — in infrastructure, health, business, culture and recreation. So we want to hear from all Edmontonians about how to build a community that supports aging residents and connects generations,” said Hoogenboom.

Whether you have an aging relative, friend or neighbour in your life or not, these workshops help to address current and future needs, which is important when younger generations age and grow older in Edmonton.  

A “What we Heard” summary will be shared and posted to and


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