Heads Up! Crossing with Care

The first video instalment in our Heads Up campaign reminds pedestrians to cross with care.

Crossing with care means never making assumptions about what others will do. Just because you have the right of way doesn’t always mean it’s safe to cross the street.

It’s such simple advice, but that might be why it can be so hard to follow in real life. It’s so easy to forget to cross with care when you’re rushing to catch a bus, or you’re on an important call, or you’re freezing your buns off. But remember, none of these distractions are worth being involved in a collision. Last year, 64% of pedestrians that were involved in a collision were crossing the street with the right of way.

Don’t become a statistic. Before you step off the sidewalk, make eye contact with drivers. Indicate where you’re crossing. Check for any cars turning right into your path. And most importantly, wait until traffic has stopped before you start to cross.

On the flip side, motorists should also drive with care. At pedestrian crossings, driving with care means making eye contact with pedestrians; looking for pedestrians before turning right; and waiting until they have completely cleared the intersection before you take your foot off the brake.

Special thanks to Steve Atamaniuk from Guru Digital Arts College for making this fantastic animation. Stay tuned for another animation next week!

For more information on the Heads Up campaign, visit www.edmonton.ca/headsup.


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Lindsay Yarmon
Lindsay is a Communications Advisor for LRT Delivery
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