Heads up! Be predictable.

The second video installment in our Heads Up campaign reminds pedestrians to be predictable. Being predictable means crossing the street at intersections and crosswalks, and never jaywalking.

It can be very tempting to cut across the street, especially if you don’t see any law enforcement officers or oncoming traffic. After all, it seems like everyone does it. The next time you’re tempted to jaywalk, consider the possible consequences.

You could get a ticket.

Jaywalking is illegal. If you jaywalk, you could get a $250 fine.

The next time you jaywalk could be the time you fail to notice a police car or peace officer and get a ticket. Is shaving a few seconds off your walk worth $250?

You could be involved in a collision.

The next time you jaywalk could be the time you fail to notice an oncoming car. It could also be the time that a driver can’t stop in time to avert a collision.

It takes drivers more time to react to something unexpected on the road, like a jaywalking pedestrian. And that extra reaction time can mean the difference between a collision and a near miss. Last year, 56 jaywalkers were involved in a collision with a vehicle.

If you’re a pedestrian, being involved in a collision will in all likelihood result in injury or even death. All 56 jaywalking pedestrians were either injured or killed.

Is it being hurt or killed worth the few extra seconds you saved while jaywalking? Are you prepared to deal with how that collision could affect your friends and family? Or the driver that hits you?

That’s why it’s so important to be a predictable pedestrian. Mitigate your risk by using crosswalks and intersections with care. Whenever possible, make eye contact with drivers. Make sure that any traffic has stopped at the intersection or crosswalk before your cross (check out this blog post for more information on crossing with care).

Drivers share responsibility with pedestrians in preventing collisions, and should be alert for pedestrians at all times. Drivers should also watch for other vehicles slowing down around them; they may be yielding to a pedestrian.

Special thanks to Nic Kui from Guru Digital Arts College for conceiving and creating this animation. Stay tuned for another animation next week!

For more information on the Heads Up campaign, visit Edmonton Heads Up Campaign.


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