Have your say about Edmonton’s changing bus routes

By the mid-2020, Edmonton’s bus network will look completely different. Because our city is growing and changing, our bus routes need to keep up. Since the last redesign of the bus network in 1997, Edmontonians’ priorities for the transit system have changed. It’s important the new network reflect these shifts so that they can get to where they want to go quickly, efficiently and safely.

Following the first round of public engagement in spring 2018 for the Bus Network Redesign project, the City’s transit planning team spent the summer reviewing all of the feedback provided by citizens. This included suggestions for alternative routing, adjusting frequency and keeping walking distances under 10 minutes.

After carefully reviewing thousands of comments, the transit planning team was able to make changes and refine the system accordingly. This included making adjustments so that the majority of people will be within a 5-7 minute walk of a transit stop, redrawing routes serving the Castle Downs area, ensuring more direct access between the Callingwood shopping area and communities west of Anthony Henday Drive, maintaining peak-hour service in the Blackburne and Oleskiw communities, and providing more direct service between north Capilano and downtown.

ETS is working on finding a solution for a few communities that will no longer have direct access to regular transit service. Details about these solutions are expected later this fall.

From October 25 until December 9, you are invited to share your perspectives on the changes that were made to the original draft. Thirteen workshops are scheduled around the city and Edmonton Transit planners will be on hand to answer your questions about the final draft routes.

The bus network redesign project is just one of many taking place at ETS. Several major projects will transform how people move, connect and live in Edmonton and the surrounding region in a few years’ time. For example, we’re working on Smart Fare, which is a “tap and go” payment system that lets you pay with a card–you won’t have to worry about having exact change to get on the bus anywhere in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Or you can hop on the new urban style, low-floor Valley Line LRT southeast which will make frequent stops between Mill Woods and downtown.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on these exciting projects.


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  1. Pam
    10 months ago

    I am not in favour of these changes. I am not sure who you polled but I do not agree with removing transit from the neibourhoods. Our area has a lot of seniors with reduced mobility. Especially in winter with the sidewalks being icy or snow covered having to walk 10 min. to a stop is not acceptable. My son also takes the bus to school down 106 st. The stop he will now have to go to also does not have a shelter. He will now have to walk 10 min in the cold to a stop with no shelter. The only people the changes are convienient for is ETS. Fares keep going up and the transit users keep loosing convenience. Rote 52 is not an unutilized route and should not be changed.

  2. Sandy
    8 months ago

    I am really opposed to this bus changes. City officials should know better that Transportation is crucial to our city. We need more buses and not cutting it. We already have poorest means of transportation in this city and now they making it worst because they want to cut cost. City is not cutting cost but spending on projects that the city cannot afford, e.g. city wasted millions of money on bike lanes and Funicular elevator, that’s not really needed by majority of citizens especially on winter.

    Our neighborhood in North side have full buses everyday and it doesn’t make sense why they are taking away the buses in the redesign route.

    I take the bus to work from North side to downtown. ETS are crazy to take that away from us. Whoever plan this redesign for sure are not taking any transit at all and not sensible at all to poor people who can’t afford to drive. I feel for the seniors, disabled, parents who have kids relying on these buses.

    Iveson and our councillors you won’t get any vote from us anymore. So for people who like to take candidacy for next elections please bring back our bus routes.


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