Getting Ready for Car-Free Day

One of the interesting things about ecomobility (getting around via people powered options) is that many of the people who do it are not thinking about being more environmentally friendly. During the spring and summer I bike, inline skate, or walk as much as possible for three main reasons: it’s cheaper than either a car or transit, I get to work out on my commutes leaving me more time for other things, and I feel better after a bike ride through the river valley. In the winter I rely more on the bus and walking. I have to say walking onto a pre-warmed bus always seems a lot better than standing outside and scraping ice off my car windows.

On Saturday, June 19th I hope to find out what other people think of when they are inspired by ecomobility. Active Edmonton, Walkable Edmonton, and Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Bike Fest 2010 are putting on a Car-Free Day from noon – 4 p.m. The event is taking place along 102 Ave. between 104 St. (the Downtown Farmer’s Market) and 100 St. The area will be closed to cars, but open to the creativity of Edmontonians who enter the Park(ed) Stall Contest. Individuals or groups can register and decorate a parking stall along the road, and visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite stall.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Edmontonians come up with; especially after the little preview park that the organizers (Dot from Active Edmonton, Ian from Walkable Edmonton, Karly and Corinne from Mountain Equipment Co-op) set up last week.

I already know I’ll be stopping at the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues to see their living local stall “intersection repair” and get a glass of lemonade, in my reusable mug of course.

What do you see when you think of ecomobility?

To find more out about Park(ed) Day, and to register for a parking stall visit


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About the Author
Tai Munro
Tai is currently one of two CO2RE Coordinators. She works in the community on reducing carbon dioxide emissions through education, outreach, and incentives. In her spare time, she is also working towards her PhD, focusing on climate change education. With anything that is left, you'll find her outside with either camera or sports equipment in hand.
  1. AlexR
    9 years ago

    I wish this event had been more widely publicized so that I might have heard of it before it had been over for four hours.

  2. […] We have invited the public to come and transform an otherwise ordinary parking stall into an urban park, demonstrating what it would be like if the streets had a less cars and more spaces for people to interact and enjoy the urban landscape. Last week, on what turned out to be a cold and grey day, we set up a little preview park, transforming a single stall into a temporary park. Even though the weather was a little bit chilly that day, we still managed to take what used to be a space that people would pass by without stopping, and turn it into a colourful spot that encouraged people to slow down and pause briefly to chat with the others around them. Read more about it on the Transforming Edmonton blog. […]


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