Get in gear! Edmonton has a new bike path

Edmonton’s newest bike path is now open. Located on the north side of 102  Avenue, the path runs west from the Groat Road bridge all the way to 136 Street. This is the first section of a planned route that will continue east towards downtown next year.

Designed as a shared-use path (SUP), it’s creation promotes healthy and active lifestyles for Edmontonians. The 102 Avenue bike path will support year-round cycling and encourage people to choose cycling as a safe, healthy and efficient alternative to driving.

This shared-use path features new cyclist-friendly features and road markings that are all brand new to Edmonton.

What’s New?

Along 102 Avenue, the path will feature a new bike-triggered crossing, new bike traffic signals and a number of new road markings.

New! Bike-Triggered Crossing

To help bikes cross the busy 102 Avenue /136 Street intersection, a bike-triggered sensor has been installed under the road that, once activated by a bike, prompts the traffic signal to change. “Entering Bike Detection Zone” signs will be clearly placed on either side of the intersection to alert bikes to the sensor ‘trigger’ area, and alert cars of the new bike crossing. On your bike, wait on the pavement marking and you’ll be detected by sensors under the road. A caged light on the opposite side of the intersection will confirm you’ve activated the signal.

New! Bike Traffic Signals

To help bikes cross streets along the 102 Avenue bike path, a new bike signal has been installed at 130 Street. The bike signal works in sync with the existing traffic signals along 102 Avenue, so cars turning north off of 102 Avenue on a green light will need to watch for cyclists entering the crosswalk.

New! Green Stripes at Intersection

On the west side of the Groat Road bridge, look down and you will see green zebra stripes. These new road stripes show the intended path of cyclists through the intersection. These stripes guide cyclists on a direct path through the intersection. Cars turning north (right) and cyclists continuing east or west along the shared-use path should both be aware and watch out for each other.

New! White Squares at Crosswalks

White squares at crosswalks are a brand new road marking for the city. We recently received some questions on social media regarding the markings along the shared-use path on 102 Avenue and wanted to provide some more information about these crossings.


In Edmonton, white square markings provide a stronger sense of space and visibility for cyclists, and signal to both drivers and cyclists that cyclists are able to ride through the intersection and to look out for them.

At these shared intersections, cyclists are required to yield to motorists and pedestrians. When it is safe to cross the intersection, there is no need for cyclists to dismount. Motorists turning north should be mindful to watch out for cyclists and pedestrians on the shared-use path.

The provincial Traffic Safety Act does not identify a cyclist riding through the intersection as having right-of-way over an intersecting vehicle, unless the cyclist has dismounted and is crossing the roadway as a pedestrian. At the crossings along 102 Avenue, yield signs for cyclists have been installed in accordance with the Traffic Safety Act.

The City of Edmonton is currently working with the Government of Alberta and a number of other municipalities on a project to create positive changes for cycling within the Traffic Safety Act, which will include a review of different cycling treatments through intersections, including crosswalks with white squares.

Sharing The News

The city engaged a number of tactics to educate Edmontonians on our newest bike route. A mail drop featuring the “New To 102” informational flyer was delivered to area homes and businesses. Flyers were also dropped at community hubs along the 102 Avenue area. Additionally, a Bike Street Team visited over 300 area homes to educate residents on the new features and how to use  the shared-use path. For a selection of days throughout the fall, Bike Street Team members were stationed along the route to inform and educate users on path usage. Lastly, the Street Team connected with the community at their information booth at the 124 Street Farmer’s Market.

To further educate users, signs will be set up along the path to alert drivers of areas where cyclists will be crossing. Temporary signs will also inform cyclists on how to use the bike-triggered crossing.

Whats Next?

Protected bike lanes are coming to Edmonton!

In 2017/2018, the 102 Avenue bike path will extend eastward to downtown and will feature barriers to separate bikes and cars. The planned 102 Avenue Bike Route will link to destinations that include Stanley Milner Library, City Hall, 124 Street, High Street shopping areas, and more.

The City of Edmonton is planning a temporary bike grid to be installed next year. The 102 Avenue bike route will act as a main corridor for cyclists travelling in the downtown area.

Construction is currently underway on a new bike boulevard along 83rd Avenue. The first stage of the boulevard located between 96th and 99th Streets  is projected to be complete in Fall 2016. The planned 83rd Avenue (Strathcona) Bike Boulevard  will be extended westward in 2017 to connect to destinations such as the University of Alberta, Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and Mill Creek Ravine.

For more information visit : 102 Avenue Bike Route – How To and What’s New


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