Get Closer to Qiji at the Edmonton Valley Zoo

Qiji, the Red Panda baby at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, was 5 months old on Jan 1, 2012. She is a very active and friendly young red panda cub. In the mornings while the adults are eating their breakfast, she runs around and is very playful. Like all baby Red Pandas, we have had to teach her basic manners when interacting with the keepers. Qiji is encouraged to bite the stuffed toy, not the hands that hold it. She likes to wrestle with her little yellow ducky and play tug with her purple octopus.



Qiji has been chewing on bamboo for a month now. Mom, Pip, is starting to wean her, so Qiji is a little unhappy about that, but is starting to discover how delicious yam, apple and banana taste. Apples are her favourite and she loves stealing small pieces from her mother’s dish, even though she has her own dish of food.

The vet did a physical on Qiji recently and she is currently teething. She is growing up and becoming a big girl. She weighs approximately 1.5 kg and is still growing. Adult Red Pandas usually weigh around 6-8kg.

Through the eyes of the nest box camera, Qiji and Pip are often seen play wrestling. In the mornings, you can see them curled up together sleeping. They have a close relationship. Mom checks on her often during the day. If Pip wanders outside on a nice sunny day, you usually only have to wait a few minutes before you see Qiji following her. On the colder days, Qiji stays inside curled up sleeping. At nap time, Qiji has a giant stuffed bear she sleeps on top of outside the nest box, with mom napping close by.

She has met her Dad ‘Ralphie’ through the wire fence, but we will wait until the New Year to introduce them face to face. She has the same coloring and personality of her father. She loves to climb things (as does her father) and has had needed assistance a few times from the keepers – sometimes she climbs up but is too scared or has trouble climbing back down and the keepers are more than willing to help her.

Qiji loves to run outside on warm days, under mom’s watchful eye. Get Closer to Pip and Qiji at the Edmonton Valley Zoo this winter – they love to run around outside, climbing and frolicking in the snow.


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