Flushing out the facts on a dynamic Downtown

More and more people are coming Downtown to visit with friends, treat their families, and enjoy a night out. So how do you measure this vibrancy? Sure, you could count the economic impact, or the number of pedestrians. Or you could count the number of toilets. Let’s flush it out!

Downtown offers a steady stream of fun for everyone. From festivals and events to new bars and restaurants, you’ve always got options. Options to dine. Options to dance.


Downtown’s bar and restaurant scene is booming. With 260 Downtown dining establishments and more than 3,000 toilets, you’ve got an average of 11.66 spots per venue to choose from when nature calls.  


Rogers Place will expect to see upwards of 2 million visitors a year. With more than 500 toilets available to Oilers fans and concertgoers, Rogers Place is king of the porcelain throne.

There are so many reasons to bring your family and friends Downtown.  Farmers markets, festivals and events like Taste of Edmonton, Street Performers Festival and Canada Day attract 800,000 people. That calls for thousands of porta-potties to accommodate all those thirsty fun-seekers on a hot day.

With more than 2,000 new Downtown residences in the works, and at least one toilet per residence, it’s a good thing we’re adding 3 km of drainage pipes to the Downtown core.

Vibrancy, excitement and energy can be measured in all sorts of ways. We just happen to think this analogy demonstrates why Downtown is the number one spot for awesome things to do.

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1 Comment
  1. Stephen Cooke
    3 years ago

    If I’m homeless, my options to relieve myself downtown are limited. More public washrooms please!


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