Don’t let construction keep you at home

From 104 Avenue to 97 Street to 105 Street… it seems like wherever you turn in Downtown Edmonton these days, there’s a road or lane closure due to construction. Twenty-five cranes are literally transforming our city’s core with public and private developments, from Rogers Place to Kelly Ramsey Building to preparations for the Valley Line LRT.

All of it can make navigating Downtown a bit of a drag. In fact, you might be tempted just to stay at home.

But with so many reasons to come Downtown, especially during the summer, just say “no” to that urge.

There’s the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and the Found Festival and Taste of Edmonton…. well, you get the idea. There’s a lot going on Downtown and you don’t want to let a traffic snarl keep you away from all the fun.

The City has developed new tools to help you Go Downtown without the stress — a little Rx for your construction anxiety:

Tool Number One: Check out It’s a one-stop shop for all the info you will need about Downtown projects, construction plans and traffic impacts. The site has a sign-up for our monthly newsletter that will tell you about upcoming changes Downtown.

Tool Number Two: Know before you go. No matter where you are heading in Edmonton, check the Current Traffic Disruptions Map at to plan your route. It includes information about road, lane and sidewalk closures due to construction, special events and collisions. It’s updated every 15 minutes.

Tool Number Three: Consider taking transit. ETS has redesigned its Downtown route map to ensure that buses can navigate through the construction zones efficiently. Check out for all the details. Why not let someone else do the driving, so you can spend your time making the toughest decision an Edmontonian should have to make each summer: green onion cakes or elephant ears?


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About the Author
Gillian Rutherford
Gillian Rutherford is a communications advisor for the Transportation department.
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  1. RH
    4 years ago

    Unfortunately the redesigned bus routes have not improved transit delays, in my experience it has made things worse. Commuters living close to downtown can commute faster by foot and by bike.


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