Cut My Commute Campaign

Every day I get to work with a lot of people from around the City to communicate about important City projects. Last month, I worked with two Councillors, colleagues in Communications and Intergovernmental & External Affairs to share with Edmontonians details on a national program. We were filming a short video for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM’s) “Cut My Commute” campaign with Councillors Ben Henderson and Karen Leibovici. Councillor Henderson is Edmonton’s representative on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Councillor Leibovici is currently the President of FCM. Between shots, we kept the camera rolling and asked the Councillors to explain, in their own words, what the campaign was all about.

First, we asked Councillor Henderson the same question we were asking Edmontonians– what does LRT expansion across the city mean to you?

Because of her role as FCM President, we asked Councillor Leibovici to talk about why the City looks for help from other orders of government in the first place and what the Cut My Commute campaign is really all about.

View the original “Cut My Commute” video.
To hear the Councillors’ radio interview visit Edmonton This Week’s webpage.


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