City of Edmonton employees contribute blog posts about the programs and services they provide in our community and welcome comments from the people they serve.

Alec Stratford is a social worker with the City of Edmonton and a member of a specialized Neighbourhood Empowerment Team working in the 118th Ave area. Alec and his partners Constable Kurtis Hauptman and Cassie Smith work with the community to identify and implement ways to reduce and prevent crime and the fear of crime.
Alexa Steiner is a Communications Technician in the Sustainable Development Department at the City of Edmonton
Aurea Siemens is a Community Greening Coordinator in the Forestry, Beautification & Environmental Management section in the City of Edmonton. Ms. Siemens also had the chance to participate in some of Jeff Collins' painting classes. She has a PhD in Forest Biology and Management from the University of Alberta, is passionate when it comes to learning more about plant and tree biology, and loves spending time in Edmonton's River Valley.
Barbara Daly is a project manager within the Office of Environment, City of Edmonton. With a focus on renewable energy and brownfield redevelopment, she works on creating and delivering programs that promote renewable energy and redevelopment of contaminated sites within Edmonton’s municipal boundaries.
Barry chaired the Local Host Committee for the 2009 ICLEI World Congress and is the Manager of the Environment Branch, Deputy City Manager's Office, City of Edmonton. Barry will be retiring from the City at the end of 2009 and extends his appreciation to the volunteers, agencies and staff who contributed to make the congress such a great success and encourages them to continue in their efforts to improve Edmonton as a sustainable City.
Beth is a Communications Advisor with Transportation
Brad Curtis is an environmental science student, currently working at the office of environment as a co-op student. Inspired by science, nature and world travels Brad spends much of his time working on environmental outreach and community strengthening projects. Brad will be making regular blog posts here to help spread the word about all of the incredible environmental initiatives going on throughout the city.
Candice is working towards completing her Masters of Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta. She was a practicum student at the Archives from September to December 2015. This experience fanned her passion for local history and archival work. She plans to continue volunteering at the City of Edmonton Archives.
Carla Putnam Kerr is a Communications Advisor for the City of Edmonton.
Chris Moore is the Chief Information Officer at the City of Edmonton. Through this position, Chris provides vision and leadership of the City’s information and technology direction. He continues to partner with local and global organizations to foster Edmonton’s role as a technology leader. Chris is the Vice Chair of the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC) Edmonton regional group, promoting and maintaining high standards in public service. Chris has fulfillment and freedom in his work and as a leader desires to see those around him attain fulfillment and freedom as well. Chris has been described as transformational, innovative, disruptive and refreshing. He is an advocate of an Open Ecosystem, Open Government and Open Data. He desires to see his team embrace innovation, pursuing the possible and building the future together.
Christopher Webster is a Communications Advisor with the Community Services Branch.
Claire is a Senior Engineer with Sustainable Transportation.
Connie Marciniuk is a Community Capacity Builder with the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team. These teams have played an integral role in community policing and crime prevention in Edmonton for the past 8 years and are the result of a four way partnership with the City, EPS, The Family Centre and the United Way.
Corey Toews is a Principal Planner with the City of Edmonton's Sustainable Development.
Dajana Fabjanovich is a Communications Advisor for the City's Office of Traffic Safety. A freelance lifestyle writer and blogger, you can also find her writing about food, fashion, travel and home décor. Dajana enjoys exploring Edmonton's many bike paths, farmers' markets, festivals and restaurants.
Daniel Vriend is a transportation engineer with the City of Edmonton and is helping to bring the vision set out in The Way We Move to reality. Currently, he is working on the Complete Streets Guidelines, a key piece of implementing The Way We Move. For more information please see:
David is one of the two Heritage Planners with the City's Planning and Development Department managing the Historic Resources Management Program. Time mostly spent trying to persuade others to save or successfully incorporate their heritage structures when new development pressures arise.
Dawn is a Communications Advisor with Community Services.
It is Destyni's first year on youth council and her first time blogging.
Dot Laing MA (Phys. Ed), AFLCA Trainer, Certified Exercise Physiologist, has many years of health, wellness, and fitness experience and feels very fortunate to be living her passion everyday at work and at play! Currently, Dot works for the City of Edmonton and coordinates the Active Edmonton program; a health promotion resource that helps Edmontonians to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active!
Dr. Karim El-Basyouny, PhD. is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton's Urban Traffic Safety Research Chair. His latest research on automated enforcement will be published at the next International Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January 2015.
Branch Manager, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS)
Elizabeth has a Masters of Archival Studies from UBC and she’s been the City’s digital archivist since September 2010. She’s passionate about outreach and increasing engagement between the Archives and the community.
Garry's connection with recycling and waste management in Edmonton is deep and, apparently, lifelong. When he was a boy in the 60s, his dad paid him a nickel for each time he took out the garbage. In the late 70s and early 80s he worked periodically as a garbage collector. Trained as an art teacher, he spent the 80s making abstract sculpture from steel or styrofoam scraps. His training as an educator and his years of "hands-on" experience led to a series of public education positions with Edmonton's Waste Management Services. For the past 15 years, Garry has been the Education Coordinator, working to encourage waste reduction and recycling among Edmonton's residents.
Gayleen Froese is a Communications Officer with Community Services.
Graeme McElheran is the Communications Manager for Transportation Services, Financial Services & Utilities.
Heather Wheeliker works in the City�s Office of Environment engaging staff and citizens in improving environmental understanding and motivating us to move Edmonton closer to becoming a sustainable and resilient city.
Holly moved to Edmonton to work as a Co-op student and has no desire to leave any time soon! She is now a youth engagement coordinator for the Office of Community Safety and her favorite part of her job is hanging out with her youth group, Youth Action on Addiction. When she is away from the office you can find her checking out Edmonton's festivals, going to movies, travelling the QE 2 to visit family around Alberta, and dreaming about the day her student loans are paid off so that she can travel!
Ian Hosler is the program coordinator of the City's Walkable Edmonton Initiative which is part of the Office of Great Neighborhoods.
Ending up working in Community Relations for Edmonton Transit was an interesting journey for Jason Baxter. After working in the Arts as a musician, theatre technician, producer and Arts and Culture Coordinator for the Town of Hinton Jason decided to go back to University to get his bachelor of Education at the age of 29. Graduating in 2002 with a major in English and minor in Social Studies he found himself unable to secure work as a teacher so he went back to work in the Arts. A long time transit user and supporter he applied for a summer position with ETS in 2004 to run the Historical Transit Tours. He liked working with ETS and managed to stay around working as the summer events programmer, a Transit call centre operator and finally to his position as Market Planner with Community Relations. You can always spot him at ETS events as the fellow who can be heard over the crowd without a megaphone (thank you five years of voice training!).
Jeff Chase is a Planner in the City of Edmonton's Urban Planning and Environment Branch. After 8 years of studying and working on urban issues in Canada, Egypt, the UK and Cambodia, he came to Edmonton in the summer of 2013 to take part in the innovative and creative city building happening here.
Jennifer Villeneuve is a communications coordinator with the LRT Design and Construction Branch.
Jessie Singer is a Planner with the City of Edmonton's Sustainable Development branch.
Kalen Anderson is the Acting Director of Urban Policy + Analysis in the Urban Planning and Environment Branch.
Karen Yeung is the marketing coordinator for the City�s Office of Environment. She is part of the community and employee engagement team which focuses on helping Edmontonians make our city more sustainable.
Kathryn Ivany has been an archivist for 20 years. Three years ago she came to the City Archives as part of the team of archivists preserving and providing access to Edmonton�s history.
Kelly FitzGibbon is a communications officer with the City of Edmonton's Roads Design & Construction, working on projects like the Walterdale Bridge and Building Great Neighbourhoods.
Kerry-Ann works in the City of Edmonton's Corporate Communications Branch, assisting the Financial Services and Utilities Department. Her daily activities include the production of information and promotional materials and updates to the City's web pages.
Kris Andreychuk is a social worker with the City of Edmonton and a supervisor with the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team. These teams have played an integral role in community policing and crime prevention in Edmonton for the past 8 years and are the result of a four way partnership with the City, EPS, The Family Centre and the United Way.
Kristin Arnot is a Reuse Coordinator for the City of Edmonton.
Lara Arjan is Principal Planner with the Growth Analysis Unit. Prior to working for the City of Edmonton she managed youth civic engagement programs in ​the Middle East & North Africa. She also worked for the United Nation​s Development Program and the US Department of States on environmental issues.
Larry Retzlaff is a Senior Planner with the City of Edmonton.
Laura Henderson is a Social Marketing Coordinator with Transportation Services.
Laura has lived and worked in the Alberta Capital Region for just over 20 years, and is currently the Communications Advisor for Transportation/Capital Construction with the City of Edmonton.
Laura Milroy works in the Office of the Environment in community and employee engagement. Laura is an avid naturalist and enjoys observing and preserving the environment.
Lindsay is a Communications Advisor for LRT Delivery
Lorna Rosen is the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for the City of Edmonton.
Mark is the Director of the Office of Environment.
Mark Hall is the Executive Director of the Blatchford Redevelopment project. He has been involved in the land development industry in the Edmonton area for more than 30 years. His experience includes transportation planning and policy development, suburban land use design and approvals, downtown plan policy development and implementation, and land development project planning and implementation. In his current role, Mark leads the team responsible for producing a world-leading, sustainable community as set out by Edmonton City Council's vision for the redevelopment.
Maya Filipovic is a Communications Advisor for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.
Michael Strong is a Principal Planner with the City of Edmonton.
Michelle Hartlaub is a planner with the City of Edmonton and part of the Queen Elizabeth Park Plan Project Team.
Michlyn Moran is Principal Planner in the Growth Analysis Unit at the City of Edmonton. Prior to her position in Growth Analysis, she worked with Parks and Facility Development, and the Regional Initiatives Project. Before joining the City, she worked with Hostelling International and Parks Canada.
Mike Mellross is currently a Senior Environmental Project Manager in the Office of Environment. He has worked in the environmental field for over 15 years and he has an academic background in Environmental Sciences, Water Pollution Studies, and Natural Sciences. Mike started his career at the City of Edmonton five years ago as an Environmental Manager for the Fleet Services Branch.
Myles has worked with Waste Management Services for a number of years, starting as a recycling depot attendant and then moving through community relations to a marketing coordinator position. He is currently taking on the challenges of reducing Edmonton's waste and the safety risks for our collectors. Myles has a passion for understanding the details of Edmonton's waste and never turns down an opportunity to get a closer look at our garbage or chat about recycling.
Phil Sande has more than 30 years experience in real estate, land development and land acquisition. He began his career with private enterprise and then joined the City of Edmonton, where he is now the Executive Director of the City Centre Redevelopment Project.
Robyn Webb works in the Office of the Environment where she is responsible for engaging citizens and employees to take action on climate change and energy efficiency. Robyn is passionate about creating sustainable cities.
Scott McDonald was an officer with the Edmonton Police Service for 30 years before he joined Edmonton's Office of Traffic Safety, where he is Speed Management Coordinator.
Scott is a Communication Coordinator with the Community Services department at the City of Edmonton.
Shirley Serviss is the City of Edmonton's first Writer-at-Work. She is a founding member of the Writers' Guild of Alberta and Edmonton Poetry Festival. Her poetry, essays and articles have appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines and textbooks. She currently teaches in Communications for MacEwan University, works part-time as the staff literary artist for the Friends of University Hospitals' Artists on the Wards program and is president of Artists Urban Village.
Simon Farbrother has served as Edmonton�s City Manager since January 2010, leading staff through a time of tremendous growth and transformation in Edmonton. Over the course of 20 years in municipal government, Simon has championed public service public service as a career of choice and volunteered on many professional associations. He was recently selected as the President-Elect of the International City/County Managers Association.
Written by Stephanie Leaf, a summer student at DATS who headed up the Seniors on the Go outreach program. Stephanie has a Bachelors of Arts degree with an after degree in Education. After the summer, Stephanie accepted a teaching assignment overseas.
Tim began with the City in 2010 as the Graduate Heritage Planner in the Heritage Conservation Unit of Planning and Development. He now works as an archivist at the City of Edmonton Archives, where he spends his days helping to provide access to the millions (literally!) of historic records maintained at the old Prince of Wales Armouries.
Chief Financial Officer, City of Edmonton
A resident of Ward 7 for more than 35 years, Councillor Tony Caterina has first-hand knowledge of opportunities and issues in northeast Edmonton. His professional background is as a businessman and president of his own industrial supply company. As a member of the Board of Directors with Alberta Avenue Business Association, Tony worked to advance the goals of that Business Revitalization Zone. Tony looks forward to continuing to work with residents and businesses of Ward 7 and across Edmonton in his role as City Councillor.
Tricia Boonstra is a social worker with the City of Edmonton and a member of a specialized Neighbourhood Empowerment Team working in the McCauley neighbourhood. Tricia and her partners Constable Chapman Lee and Trisha Shackleton work with the community to identify and implement ways to reduce and prevent crime and the fear of crime.
Tyler is an engineer with the Transportation Planning Branch at the City of Edmonton.