Come and experience the beauty that is Edmonton

Have you ever been caught staring off into the River Valley because of how beautiful a sunset looks while it bounces off of the North Saskatchewan River? Do you remember climbing a tree when you were younger and admiring all of the other trees that were along the street in your neighbourhood?

At the City of Edmonton, the Forestry, Beautification and Environmental Services Department is passionate about maintaining the areas around the city that every Edmontonian considers to be special. They care about everything that goes on in that picture perfect part of Edmonton, that you may be caught staring off into. The work that the City does year round may not always be seen by every Edmontonian, but everything they do helps to shape the landscapes that we love most.

The City realized the importance of this, and decided to partner with the Edmonton Arts Council to help showcase all of the landscapes City employees work so hard to maintain. Through that partnership they have created the Artist in Residence Program.

The program centers on our Artist in Residence, Jeff Collins, who goes out with City employees into various locations in and around Edmonton to capture the landscapes that they work in. As Artist in Residence, Jeff creates various pieces of art, but also works with City employees to create their own pieces in the classes that he runs.

The art that is produced by Jeff and the other City employees is explosive in colour, while entirely relaxing. It showcases scenes of Edmonton that most Edmontonians will be accustomed to, while highlighting lesser known landscapes that you’ll later want to discover.

Jeff and some select City employees will be showcasing their art at a few upcoming art shows at Enterprise Square and City Hall.

Exhibition dates:

Enterprise square
February, 10-26, 2014
Extension Gallery, Enterprise Square
10230 Jasper Avenue
Open Daily 7am-11pm
Opening Reception: Thursday February, 13, 6-9pm

City Hall
March, 10-14, 2014
City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Open M-F 7am – 10pm


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About the Author
Aurea Siemens
Aurea Siemens is a Community Greening Coordinator in the Forestry, Beautification & Environmental Management section in the City of Edmonton. Ms. Siemens also had the chance to participate in some of Jeff Collins' painting classes. She has a PhD in Forest Biology and Management from the University of Alberta, is passionate when it comes to learning more about plant and tree biology, and loves spending time in Edmonton's River Valley.
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