City Completes Six Neighbourhood Reconstructions in 2013

The City of Edmonton is wrapping up a big season for Building Great Neighbourhoods in Edmonton, with six neighbourhood reconstructions completed in 2013.

The Building Great Neighbourhoods initiative coordinates three city programs to renew and replace neighbourhood infrastructure and enhance the overall livability of neighbourhoods across Edmonton:

  • Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program (Community Services)
  • Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal (Financial Services and Utilities)
  • Neighbourhood Renewal (Transportation Services)

“We are working hard to improve Edmontonian’s quality of life,” says Stephane Labonne, Director of Great Neighbourhoods “Wider sidewalks, trees, more pedestrian-level lighting and enhanced infrastructure all contribute to a more livable and vibrant city.”

The City’s total 2013 investment in these programs was $224 million. This includes:

  • $ 25 million for 15 Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program projects
  • $ 23 million for 33 Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal projects
  • $ 176 million for 124 Neighbourhood Renewal road projects

The $176 million Neighbourhood Renewal investment included $9 million City Council reallocated from the 2013 budget for additional ‘triage’ milling and overlay work on neighbourhood streets.

In 2013, the Building Great Neighbourhoods initiative completed reconstruction in six neighbourhoods: Canora, Capilano, Dovercourt, Windsor Park, Terrace Heights and Woodcroft.

“Neighbourhood Renewal improves and maintains the way we move within our communities,” says Byron Nicholson, Director of Special Projects for Roads Design and Construction. “We really appreciate communities’ cooperation and patience as we work to improve essential infrastructure in Edmonton neighbourhoods.”

For more information on construction projects, visit

Before and after photos of the completed 2012 neighbourhoods are available at


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Kelly FitzGibbon
Kelly FitzGibbon is a communications officer with the City of Edmonton's Roads Design & Construction, working on projects like the Walterdale Bridge and Building Great Neighbourhoods.
  1. […] Six neighbourhood reconstructions were completed in 2013 for a total investment of $224 million: Canora, Capilano, Dovercourt, Windsor Park, Terrace Heights, and Woodcroft. […]


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