Choosing the Best Team – from five Excellent Teams!


It’s been a busy and exciting time since February 15, when we formally unveiled design concepts and videos from five international teams, as conceptual proposals for the redevelopment of the City Centre Airport lands.

In my view, the thought and effort each team put into their submissions, designs, sketches and videos is clearly evident.  Their collective passion for world leading environmentally sustainable developments is being focused on providing the best development for Edmonton.

The response to the teams’ displays and videos has been amazing. In the first four hours of the concepts going online , we received more than 10,000 page views on our website. The traffic at City Hall has been steady and our community information sessions, which continue to March 1, continue to attract citizens in all corners of the city.

If I could emphasize one part of this competition between the 5 teams, it is that we are selecting the best team as opposed to selecting the best conceptual design.  The observations that we receive from the citizens will be provided to the Selection Committee to help them recommend the best team to City Council.

The display materials that you will see include a team’s conceptual designs and an array of other information that shows how they think when it comes to redeveloping these lands in a sustainable or “green” way.  Once the best team is chosen, the City has the opportunity to incorporate components from each of these conceptual designs or from other sources into the final plans.

You have until March 1 at midnight to view the designs and plans give us your observations in person or online. In addition to your observations being considered by the Selection Committee in recommending the winning team, your comments will also be used during the upcoming 15-month planning process which will further define the winning conceptual plan and, among other items, roads, subdivisions, land uses, green space amenities, etc.

Please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to review the display materials and tell us which team they think excelled and in which areas. Please see our website for dates and locations where these displays may be viewed.

Enjoy today



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About the Author
Phil Sande
Phil Sande has more than 30 years experience in real estate, land development and land acquisition. He began his career with private enterprise and then joined the City of Edmonton, where he is now the Executive Director of the City Centre Redevelopment Project.
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