PromoPicture Edmonton, I’d like to introduce you to Wade Sorochan. Though chances are you’ve already met. After 30 years interviewing city residents, celebs and politicians on Edmonton’s airwaves, Wade’s become a respected voice and passionate spokesperson for being informed and getting involved in civic affairs.

That’s why we’re happy to welcome him as the new host of Edmonton This Week, our weekly radio show and podcast which starts its new season this Saturday, September 10, on 630 CHED (7:30 am and 6 pm).

I sat down with Wade to chat about his time as a broadcaster in Edmonton and why he thinks Edmonton this Week is an important way for people to stay informed and get involved.

Tell me a little about your time as a broadcaster in Edmonton.

Well, I was born and raised in Edmonton so have been fortunate to spend my whole career here. I started in radio back in 1980 when got my first break on CJCA’s Bill & Bill Show, which was then the top rated talk show in Alberta. I worked for a while behind the scenes then became a feature on the program, nicknamed “The Tone Arm” because of my knowledge of music and how I used music to enhance the show, which at the time was not really done in the talk show industry in North America.

I love talk and information radio and I eventually hosted my own talk show on CJCA called Life Talk With Wade Sorochan, which was similar to The Bill & Bill show in that it was really a two and a half hour free-for-all. We had guests like celebrities and experts, but I really just wanted to let Albertans talk about whatever they wanted to talk about. In the end, the show became very successful as one of Edmonton’s most interactive radio shows.

What are the ingredients for a great interview?

First it comes down to what makes a good interviewer: Someone who is a good listener, who is very inquisitive and knows the subject inside and out. If you have those qualities, your guest  will  feel comfortable responding to the questions and you’ll be prepared for a line of questioning that may arise that you didn’t plan on. You have to always be thinking about what the listener might want to know and try to provide that information through the interview.

What drew you to the City’s Edmonton this Week radio show on CHED?

I’ve always thought the show was a great vehicle for people to learn what’s going on in the city and about the programs and initiatives the City is constantly working to provide.

People don’t get a lot of opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and hear from the people who actually work to make Edmonton a world class city. There’s so much amazing work being done all the time and I think the more people learn, the more they will be proud of their city and the more they’ll get involved.

What do you hope listeners take away from the new season of Edmonton this Week?

They should take away the fact that this city is not stagnant. Especially these days you can almost feel it moving forward like a freight train; moving to be a leader in so many different areas – technology, transportation, economic revitalization. And when you hear that you think: ‘Wow, the City is really doing something for me here.’

When people get complacent I believe it’s because of a lack of knowledge. This show gives you that knowledge of what the City is doing and then hopefully you’ll understand that they’re doing it for you. To make your life better in the city that you live in. I hope we can really get to that this season.

One addition I’m excited for this season is a new chance to provide feedback on topics and suggestions for the show through email. People can get in touch with the show at etw[at] (replace [at] with @) and let us know what they want to hear more of on the show. We really want the show to be timely with what’s happening this week. Hence, the title “Edmonton this Week” I guess (laughs).

What keeps you living and working in Edmonton after all these years?

I just love this city. Like everyone I gripe about the weather, but you know what? I have so much to be thankful for in Edmonton. My roots are here, my family, and when I look around at the growth and really feel the rhythms of the city there’s amazing things happening all around.

The more I stay informed, the more I really delve into what’s going on in the city, the more I’m invested in it. It becomes more than just a city. It becomes my city. And that’s an important feeling to have. I hope that I can bring some of that passion to my time as the host of Edmonton this Week.


The Edmonton This Week radio show airs every Saturday at 7:30 am and 6:00 pm on 630 CHED.

Edmonton this Week is also available on iTunes

Please leave your thoughts and comments below, or email the show at etw[at]


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Christopher Webster
Christopher Webster is a Communications Advisor with the Community Services Branch.
  1. Shawna Randolph
    8 years ago

    Wade is an excellent choice for a host for this show. He is a well respected voice in our community and he will add a new dimension to the fantastic radio show!


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