Bright Future for Kinsmen Sports Centre


The City of Edmonton is looking at ways to improve the Kinsmen Sports Centre that will give it a fresh new look and feel and keep Edmontonians coming back year after year. This redesign will be driven by the community that knows it best and cares about its future.

The Kinsmen Sports Centre has been one of the premier sports facilities in Edmonton since it was built in 1968. For more than 40 years it has hosted many National and International sporting events including the 1978 Commonwealth Games and the World Masters Games in 2005.

The facility is also one of the most visited by residents, so we want your help to develop the Kinsmen Sports Centre Master Plan.

KinsmeninteriorYou can provide input in two ways: Comment here on Transforming Edmonton, or fill out our online survey that will be available until February 25th

The study will look at:

  • How the Kinsmen Sports Centre is used today
  • Who uses it, and what are their sporting activities?
  • What are the strengths of the facility, and are there any sporting needs that cannot be met at present?
  • How does the Kinsmen Sports Centre compare with the best facilities in other cities?
  • How does the Kinsmen Centre fit within the whole spectrum of sport and recreation facilities in Edmonton, and
  • What is the best use of the facility in the years to come?

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Kinsmen Sports Centre is your facility, so please take part in deciding its future.


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  2. KevinMacDonald
    9 years ago

    I could never understand why your facility does not have a steamroom or hot tub! Most other facilities in the city do. It’s very theraputic for the body! I would consider using your facility if you did.

  3. morechad
    9 years ago

    YES… a ‘world-class’ swimming facility without hottubs, steamrooms? Plus, there are many other issues! Check out the ‘Austrailian Institute of Sport’ facilities for innovative/award winning ideas!

    Now that many new facilities are being built in all zones of Edmonton and beyond… make the centrally located Kinsmen the high-tech institute for above average athletes that want a proper place with more space!

  4. 9 years ago

    In reference to the Master Plan for the Kinsmen Centre, and future additional useage of the facilities available. The Edmonton 4-Wall Handball Assoc. have over the past number of years had a very active Junior Handball Program [12-19 yrs]. However this program has been in a decline due to lack of handball court facilities and children of this age group that are able to use a public facility such as the Handball courts at the Kinsmen Facility. Our Association would provide handball gloves, balls, goggles and most importantly, qualified level 3-4 coaching.
    Contact: Skip Smiley, 780-721-0127.

  5. Scott Flowers
    9 years ago

    It has been a sad slow progression over the past thirty years from the Kinsmen being a premiere high-performance sport facility to one that the City prefers to be used as a public swimming pool for kids and families. The Kinsmen is the only facility in Edmonton suitable for hosting high-performance swimming competitions, and it is the best training facility for aquatic sport clubs in Alberta. The city has a dismal record in recent years of servicing those groups, however, and instead caters preferentially to recreational use. Edmonton has a history of producing world-class swimmers, divers and synchronized swimmers, but that legacy will remain history if the city does not take a more active role in servicing competitive sporting organizations.

    The Kinsmen is the only facility we have that is designed for competitive aquatic sports. Let the city’s high-performance clubs use it for that, and encourage the pubic to make use of the city’s other pools for recreation, or build a dedicated recreational pool along side of the Kinsmen.

    The city should also give more time to swim clubs at the new Terwillegar pool, and stop preventing swim club access to that facility with the misguided intent of preventing clubs from competing with the city’s swimming lesson programs.

    The only alternative is to kiss Edmonton’s storied history of national champion and Olympic swimmers and divers goodbye.

  6. […] can weigh in on the City’s plans for the Kinsmen on the Transforming Edmonton website. They have a survey open from February 16 -25 that you can fill out as well. Details of the […]

  7. 9 years ago

    I use the facility frequently, but primarily for swimming. I would like to use the track, but it seems booked almost 100% of the time. Having more access to the track and field house would make sense to me.

    Already mentioned are the lack of a steam room and hot tub… and the sauna is nice, but having access to it on the main deck or in the change rooms would be preferred.

    I have never visited the women’s change room, but I do believe that a retrofit of the drying room to a steam room wouldn’t take too much.

    I never did understand why there are 30 toilets in that room either (it seems excessive, even if the facility is busy).

    Generally speaking, despite the “upgrades” the change room hasn’t changed in as long as I have been going, and could use some modernization as well as the addition of the other pieces mentioned already.

    I like the facility, and I can see it being a destination in future. Looking forward to the new outdoor pool!

  8. Julia Smith
    9 years ago

    Edmonton could really use international sized squash courts (minimum of 2). The Edmonton Squash League offers a well run and competitive league to help develop squash players and we do not have any teams from the kinsmen that participate. Facilities like the YMCA, Grant MacEwan, UofA all participate in the league and have very busy squash courts and a big developing group of players. If the courts are currently underuntilzed it’s because they are not standard international sized and the Kinsmen should consider getting new international sized courts, participate in the league and get those courts rocking and rolling!

  9. Joe Patricio
    9 years ago

    Squash in Edmonton and specifically the Edmonton Swuash League is in dire need of help. There have been at least 4 facilities that catered to squash close in the last 5 years. Squash is and will always be one the best sports for overall fitness. In a city that is under a blanket of snow for more than half the year, indoor sports are a neccesity.

    I would like to see at least 4 International squash courts in the plans.


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