Blatchford: Connecting to Edmonton’s Future

A piece of raw land the size of 362 football fields located minutes from a major city’s downtown core doesn’t come along very often. That’s why the City of Edmonton is in an enviable position when it envisions what a sustainable community for 30,000 people right in the heart of the city might look like.

For Mayor Iveson, this opportunity is about much more than building a neighbourhood. “We need projects like Blatchford to be a globally competitive city. This community will give us the chance to demonstrate extraordinary leadership and commitment to sustainability, it will contribute to the overall vibrancy of our city, and it will be another reason for people to want to move their businesses and their families to Edmonton.”

The City has set a bold goal for Blatchford. And by setting this goal, we have the opportunity to reimagine how we design our urban environments.

For Mayor Iveson, Blatchford is about creating a living example of what smart city building can be. “While Blatchford has the potential to mean big things for Edmonton in terms of our national and international reputation, it is also about providing 30,000 residents with a great quality of life through purposeful and deliberate design,” he said.

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About the Author
Cheryl Mitchell
Cheryl Mitchell is a communications advisor with the City of Edmonton. She is a member of the Reputation Unit which is responsible for promoting Edmonton to the world as well as managing the communication around some of Edmonton’s most transformational projects like the downtown arena and Blatchford.
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