Blatchford: Building the neighbourhood of the future

As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Edmonton is focused on managing our incredible growth. And while the 536 acres of raw land located minutes from our downtown core will be vital in helping to manage this growth, Blatchford will play a much more significant role in our city’s future.

For Mark Hall, the Executive Director of the Blatchford Redevelopment, the community is about setting a new standard in Edmonton. “City Council directed us to meet the three dimensions of sustainable development — social, economic and ecological —through innovative community planning,” explains Mark. “Blatchford will demonstrate what a sustainable community will look like and will serve as a benchmark for future developments.”

From urban agriculture to green buildings to creating a roadway system that emphasizes active transportation, the City of Edmonton is committed to making this community into a leading-edge development. By incorporating new and developing technology and best practices from around the world into the design, Blatchford will help redefine urban living and healthy community design.

“We are hoping to have what we do here copied across Edmonton, not only because we believe the objectives are important to the environment, but because they are important to the residents of Edmonton,” says Mark. “Stay tuned…we are going to show Edmonton what we can incorporate into the neighbourhood of the future.”

If you are interested in living in Blatchford, we want to hear from you!  Your answers to this survey will help us determine the type of units people want to live in and what features are most important to have in the homes.



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About the Author
Cheryl Mitchell
Cheryl Mitchell is a communications advisor with the City of Edmonton. She is a member of the Reputation Unit which is responsible for promoting Edmonton to the world as well as managing the communication around some of Edmonton’s most transformational projects like the downtown arena and Blatchford.
  1. Patrick Sullivan
    4 years ago

    Hi there,
    when will developers start to show or sell condos or housing for the Blatchford community?



  2. Margaret Webb
    4 years ago

    Will you have something for the over 55’s…condos etc.When will you start selling or showing condos,townhouses or housing for the Blatchford Community..Where is this located? Thanks

  3. City of Edmonton
    4 years ago

    Hi Patrick,

    Grading of the site and construction of infrastructure like roads and sewer systems is expected to begin in spring/summer 2015. The City, as land developer, is responsible for the installation of utilities, roads, and parks; as well as establishing architectural standards and building performance requirements. Fully serviced lots will be sold to pre-qualified builders, who will sell the homes to the public. Homebuilders for the first stage of development will be selected in 2015. We expect builders will begin pre-selling homes in 2016, with the first people moving into Blatchford in 2016/17.


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