Athletes in the Sport of Life

I recently wrote an article for the Edmonton Examiner entitled, Be an Athlete in the Sport of Life! My intention? To encourage less or non-active people to evaluate their daily routines and hopefully realize that movement really is one of the most natural, necessary, and somewhat unconscious activities we do on a regular basis. Whether we are willing participants or not our bodies were made to move! So, why not embrace it and be the best you can be – at moving!

Olympian or not, we can all work at being athletes in the sport of life!

The great thing? It isn’t really hard work, unlike the hardcore bootcamp classes that may leave you aching for a week afterwards or deciding to try a new activity where you need to hurdle a learning curve to get some benefit. Rather, it’s just about taking a bit of time, for yourself, to stretch those legs and walk more.

The prize? Your health and wellness! Unlike climbing a mountain or competing at the Olympics, being an athlete in the sport of life has no finish line, however you will continually reap rewards such as: feeling energized, moving with ease, maintaining your independence and having the strength to do other things you enjoy. Start your training today and allow your passion for life to keep you committed!

Active Edmonton wants to support your training in the sport of life. Take time out and join Active Edmonton on Winter Walk Day, Wed. Feb. 10th from 12-1pm at the Downtown YMCA. Winter Walk Day is a province-wide movement to get Albertans ACTIVE! There’ll be an outdoor walking route (for the real Canadians) and an indoor walking route (for all fair-weather walkers). As an extra incentive, there will be special giveaways for the first 150 walkers. Hope to see you there!


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About the Author
Dot Laing
Dot Laing MA (Phys. Ed), AFLCA Trainer, Certified Exercise Physiologist, has many years of health, wellness, and fitness experience and feels very fortunate to be living her passion everyday at work and at play! Currently, Dot works for the City of Edmonton and coordinates the Active Edmonton program; a health promotion resource that helps Edmontonians to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active!
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